Nov 21, 2012 (Wednesday)

240.5 in the morning – 239 after run

Run was pretty good – 10 miles broke into two 5 mile chunks – total time approx 96 min 5 sec:

  • First 5 miles was done in approx 47 min 13 seconds – very little walking but probably a fair bit of cheating on the treadmill.
  • Second 5 miles was done in approx 48 min 52 seconds – definitely some cheating on the treadmill – a bit more walking but not actual run walk cycles – probably closest was 4 min run 1 min walk but was able to skip several of the walk cycles. Tried using plain out jelly beans for extra fuel starting about a 2/3rd mile into the set – had a total of 18 jelly beans (150 calories) – 2-3 at a time – definitely seemed to help by skipping some walking cycles and by keeping the speed up.

Interestingly the 5 miler yesterday was right in the middle of the two today for time but there was significantly less cheating on the treadmill. This means I was definitely working harder yesterday and it is something I should look at doing for each of the short runs to drive up my cardio vascular strength and my endurance. Compared to 7.5 mph for 2 min yesterday the 6.6 mph for 4 minutes today seemed a lot easier to handle.

So I will try the shorter faster cycles again tomorrow to see how it goes. Then on the weekend the 10 miler I will probably do my normal stuff outside without changing anything. On Sunday I will have to be ready with a change of clothes and also carry with me a few bags of jelly beans and almonds as well as water. Basically will try to push through 11 miles my normal way and then change clothes and try the remaining 9 miles using walk run cycles. I will need to start eating fuel around the 1 hour mark and continue having a little something every mile or so.

If I make it through the week without missing any runs it basically proves I am ready to do this and all the remaining runs are to get better. Not saying this to diminish the other runs as I think they will be important to help make the whole deal easier in the end but it will show that I am capable of pulling this off right now and that will be huge for confidence.

239 after the run – even though this is dehydration it is the first time I have been under 240 since probably when T was born. So basically even my weight this morning was 10.5 pounds lighter than I was Nov 6, 2006. Whoohoo things seem to be working!

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