Nov 20, 2012 (Tuesday)

241.5 in the morning – 242 after evening run (second morning in a row at 241.5 so that seems to have stuck – we will see what tomorrow looks like with having had Wendy’s for supper)

Sunday run – ran 13.2 in the park 2hrs 25 min – roads were still pretty bad and it was pretty frickin cold – 2 hrs 23 min for the half – no walking breaks or water breaks – essentially did the distance cold (ha ha I made a funny). I stopped after the 6th lap to have a quick snack and when I started to move again my calves had frozen up (running pants aren’t insulated much below the knee). Drove home and completed the remainder of 19 miles on the treadmill – those last 5.8 miles were pretty slow (69 minutes) – no extra fuel besides water on these extra miles – basically fuel during the running was little more than a banana. I really needed to fuel more on the outside run and on the treadmill.

I had taken a change of shirt, sweater and hoodie and I had planned to change after the 7th lap but with how cold it was I should have changed earlier – I hadn’t realized how soaked through I was until I sat down in the van to drive home – this weekend with the 10 and 20 milers coming I have to keep the cold in mind – Saturday looks like it will be very cold (-15 range) but I should be able to handle the 10 miles without a clothes change – Sunday will be cold as well (prob -10) but to do the 20 miles I will most likely have to change. I should shoot to change after the 5th lap (11 miles).

Fuelling is important as well to make sure I can push through in the cold – the Jeff Galloway videos indicate approx 30 cals every mile of running (need to double check this as I’m not sure I am remembering this correctly) – if I eat something small after every 2.2 mile lap that should cover that on the longer runs. Shorter runs I need to keep pushing through without any fuel to train my body to keep more fuel in the system.

Was pretty tired most of the day on Sunday but seemed ok – just a bit grouchy – need to watch my fueling so I don’t get too cranky.

I went to work on Monday but came home after an hour of feeling nauseous – that went away after a while but still was feeling light headed – even into today a bit – had trouble focusing most of the day. T was sick in the morning so I think I had some of it too – hopefully it wasn’t the running in the cold or stress. My big concern is that it was stress – between work, training and my course there has been a lot of stress lately – I have to watch this as stress could shut me down. I am making too much progress on the weight and the running to have work crap get in the way – I should be able to use the running to help cut the stress but we will see.

Run tonight was 5 miles – in 48:05 – did 1 min walk and 2 min run cycles (most of the runs at 7.5 mph) as a test of the Jeff Galloway run walk method – felt pretty good after and speed was decent with no cheating on the treadmill – requires further testing but it was nice to do some speed work. Time did seem to fly so that is definitely a plus to watch for. For tomorrow’s 10 miler I will probably want to look at doing some more of this but I think I will try to do 5 or 6 miles in a more normal way then see what the 1 to 2 cycle can do after I am already tired – it should help keep things moving near the end. If it works how I would like it could be used on the Sunday 20 miler to push out the second half of the run. We’ll have to see how things go.

The remainder of this week is going to be tough – I have a 10 miler tomorrow night and T has music lessons so I can’t start until later, 5 miler on Thursday, an assignment due Friday night, 10 miler Saturday morning before T’s curling and Heather going out with friends (H’s Mom will take T to curling), 20 miler Sunday morning and then into work around noon to work to help finish off a large project. At least Monday is a day off so I can rest. That week is lighter for runs but still tight for time with swimming, music lessons, T’s curling and T having a birthday party to go to on Sunday. Things get harder again for a week and are made harder due to the final exam for the course on the Saturday – but at least once that is done it is only about getting the running done. And then Phineas and Ferb show on Sunday in the afternoon.

With current weight and the upcoming running schedule being what it is as long as I can keep focused and watch my fuel I should be able to hit 230 for Christmas Eve – this would be great but more would be good too. Based on what I wrote in the first entry (Sept 9th) I am going to count 257 as my starting weight for the purpose of tracking weight loss – I was higher than that on that day but judging by what I wrote it was probably retained water. Starting with 257 puts current weight at 15.5 pounds down so far and 230 would be 27 pounds down. To make it a nice round number 227 would be great to hit before the marathon to give a full 30 pounds loss. Ultimately after the marathon is done I need to keep pushing the weight loss to try to get down to 217 or maybe even 207. This would give me a great base to do the Manitoba Marathon and to start lifting again. Ideally I would love to be around 205, be able to do around a 4 hour marathon and to be able to bench near 150% of body weight. Is that realistic? Not sure right now but I was damned close to that in 2002 and 2005.

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