Nov 17, 2012 (Saturday)

243.5 when woke up 242 after run

Did go to the park this morning but only ended up doing 6.6 miles instead of the 8.8 planned because the snow pack on the roads was kind of greasy – was like running on sand it took forever to run the laps – was probably 12-15 minutes slower than I would have hoped which meant I ran out of time and had to get home so Heather could get T to his curling lessons. I also forgot my headphones so I did the run without any music. I have to do 19 miles tomorrow and I suspect it is going to take me over 4 hours because of the roads – should be loads of fun.

This coming week is pretty tough – 19 miles tomorrow, 5 miles tues and thurs, 10 miles wed and sat, 20 miles Sunday – a relatively large assignment due Friday night, and I have to go into work Sunday right after the 20 mile run for a few hours to do a bunch of work to help with a large software upgrade, besides that we have Heather’s curling Monday night, swimming lessons for the kids Tuesday night and T’s curling lessons Saturday morning. This week is going to be exhausting.

The week starting December 3rd is going to be worse though – essentially the same mileage as above plus all the same stuff like Heather’s curling and the kids’ stuff and then throw on top a 3 hour final exam on Saturday that I will have to spend most of the week studying for. On the Sunday after the run we have tickets to take the kids to the Phineas and Ferb Live show. Only nice thing about this one is that the Monday following is a day off work and I will spend it on the couch. (Comment Dec 15 -no such luck)

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