Nov 12, 2012 (Monday)

245 – was 242 yesterday morning so today is a regression from yesterday and from last week.

Did not run yesterday due to heavy snowfall (around 25cm or more) – took over an hour to shovel the drive and had to do it more than once. Ended up shepherding the kids for a few hours in the mall as well so I did not have the energy to run once I finally got time around 8:30pm.

Missing the run alone (especially with all the other exercise) shouldn’t have been enough to cause a regression – did eat some stuff that may have caused an issue:

  • 3 small apple turnovers – not a huge amount of calories but probably instantly in my bloodstream
  • A+W for lunch at the mall
  • Fair bit of coke during the day
  • Probably more for supper than was necessary
  • Licorice – this would probably have been the main culprit

I will have to really watch what happens tomorrow with my daughter’s birthday – my wife Heather got an angel food cake that she will ice – the last time I had angel food cake my weight jumped 3 pounds in a couple days even with exercise.

I may have to run a few miles tonight while Heather is curling to get some of the miles back – have to make sure I get all the weekday runs in this week too. I have to be careful about not burning out so that I can do the 19 mile on Sunday.

The 19.8 will be the first of 4 in that range prior to Christmas – It’s nice to know that there are so many in that range so that if I am unable to do one due to weather or injury or life I will still have a chance to do more. That being said getting this first one done puts me in a good spot to make sure I can do this thing. It will also give me a bit of an idea where I am with time and I will be able to focus on speed a bit more.

Getting through this week with its 9 mile / 19 mile sat / sun and next week with its 10 mile / 20 mile will be the hard thing and once that is done there is a rest week before the next tough week. That next tough week will be the same as the 10/20 then there will be another rest week before the last tough week. That last tough week is to be 10 /20 but I might make it 11 / 22 or 13.2 / 24 depending on where I am and how I feel. So basically getting through the next 2 weeks is going to be the proof that this can be done and then the last 2 tough weeks will be solidifying where I am physically and trying to sort out any problems.

Tying that into the course – the last weekly assignment is due Nov 30 (but will probably want it done sooner) with the exam on Dec 8th – this puts the exam in a tough week (with 10 / 20). This means that the 3rd tough week (of 4) will be the last week of the course making studying a bit harder – this week will also probably turn into 11 / 22 if things are going well meaning even less time. The Saturday will be the hardest part – up early to run for a few hours in the park and home in time for T to get to curling. After T is done curling then will have to start the exam – so probably not until around noon or 1 pm before start. This will end things around 4 pm presumably (if I take the full allotted time).

The rest week after that week will feel good – course and certificate will be completed and I will be able to take things easy for a week until the final tough week happens. After that last tough week is done on Dec 23rd there will be time to take a break and rest and relax – there is a 12 miler on Dec 30th but other than that there are no runs after Dec 23rd in the double digits. The last week and a bit in December should be easy at work as should the first week of Jan. After that there are only a couple days of work the week we leave for Orlando.

On the subject of weight – it is starting to be apparent that 230 should be the goal – keep hoping for lower but the regression today says that it might not be possible – the 2 tough weeks in a row will solidify my understanding of the weight loss potential – would still love 225 or 220 (or lower in some miracle world) but I suspect it won’t get that low. 230 would still be a massive improvement putting me in the range of where I would have been in 2005.

What about after the Goofy? A couple weeks after that we will be taking a family trip to Orlando – drive to Minneapolis and then fly down for 9 nights then back. Maintaining weight loss during this period will probably be tough but at least there should be lots of walking. The couple weeks following the marathon will require some work to make sure no weight gain occurs. I will have to make sure I still run 5 days a week – probably 45-60 minutes each day. This will help me maintain my training level. We will be back from the trip after Feb 7th so I will need to come up with a plan from there to maintain the weight loss and train for the Manitoba Marathon on June 16th. If I start training the week of Feb 11 that gives 18 weeks to Manitoba Marathon. Goals for the Manitoba will be up in the air right now but should include more weight loss and faster / better times – ideally I would love to be back in the 215 range and near the 4 hour mark. I will probably need to look at adding weights back in the mix to really get back to being what I want to be physically.

Update – I did manage to get on the treadmill when Heather went curling – 4 miles in just over 38 min without headphones very little walking or cheating on the treadmill – 245.5 after the run. Hopefully over night the losses put me back in the right range. I’m leaning towards the licorice causing the issue.

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