May 30, 2013 (Thursday)

230 when I woke up this morning and 232.5 after run tonight

Run was 5 miles in 43 minutes – it felt pretty awful to tell the truth.  I felt nauseous several times during the run and was having trouble getting motivated.

I missed the last 2 days of running for a variety of reasons – mostly just exhausted and stressed frankly.  I skipped the 5 miler on Tuesday just to relax due to work stress and being tired then the Wednesday 8 miler I ended up being too tired to do after walking to work and back (total of about 3.5 miles) and mowing the lawn in the evening before I would have run.  Pretty lame excuses but they seemed sufficient at the time.  I’m sure I paid for it today though.

Today was a weird day for food too – I had my usual protein breakfast and took a small lunch with me to work…but I had the lunch finished by 10:30 and was absolutely starving by noon and had to go grab something.  Unfortunately the quickest thing was of course fast food – it filled the hole but I’m sure that was part of what I was feeling tonight on the treadmill as well.

So basically a wake up call today to straighten up for the next few weeks leading into the Manitoba Marathon – I need to hit all my runs from here on out and eat properly.  I would like to come down a few pounds too.

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