May 25th, 2013 (Saturday)

229 when I woke up and 227.5 after morning run.

I was 227 yesterday morning when I got up and we had pizza last night so I think that showed in my weight this morning.

Run this morning was 10 miles – things didn’t work for time to run outside this morning so I put in the time on the treadmill instead.  Total time was 87 minutes which wasn’t too bad.  Things felt pretty rough though – not physically but mentally.  I had a real tough time staying motivated and pushing myself.  Probably a few factors for that – feeling a little heavy from the pizza last night, did not have coffee as a kicker before I ran and I also deliberately started slow hoping to just be able to let the time go by without having to concentrate.  I came to the realization that going slow at the start and letting my mind wander is more for outdoor running than for treadmill work outs – it was too easy to start to let myself shut down so instead of helping the time pass it actually made me more conscious of how long it was taking for the miles to go by.

Other than that though I could tell I was well fueled and hydrated and never felt out of breath.  So my real barrier right now is mental and hopefully I can push through that tomorrow for my planned 20 miler.  I guess we will have to see.

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