March 30, 2013 – Saturday

236 when woke up – 234.5 after 7 mile run outside.  More on the run below.

235 on March 29th

233 on March 28th – did not run

Today’s run was done outside – the weather was still below freezing but there wasn’t much wind so I thought I would give it a shot outside.  I ended up heading out from my house and down a back / country nearby for a total of 7 miles.  It took about 74 minutes which was slow but the road was pretty rough with lots of sections where the freezing and thawing had turned it into a bit of a bog or at least made it heavily rutted and uneven.  Had to tie my shoe twice in that time and stop 3 times to take rocks out of my shoes.

The run felt good in the end and it was nice to get out and get some fresh air.  Very cool scenery as well – sun was coming up in a clear blue sky and the trees and bushes were covered in a nice layer of hoar frost.  Provided a nice distraction.

Traveling out of the city to visit family for the day today as well – probably about 5 hours driving there and back.  That usually means carby road snacks and not much physical activity for the day.  This will probably mean my weight will be up a bit on Sunday.  We’ll see what happens.

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