March 26, 2013 – Tuesday

238 when woke up – what the hell!?  Was 235.5 yesterday morning and there really wasn’t any reason for the weight spike today besides maybe licorice over the weekend.

Was 236.5 after 4 mile run tonight in 33:30 – about 6 minutes of walking and rest at up to 8.5 mph in 2 minute chunks.  Had to push and punish myself tonight to try to make up for the weight gain.

The 2nd of 3 six week periods started yesterday and my goals for the first one were definitely not reached.  The running is going not too bad and I am getting good speeds over good distances so that is good even if I have missed too many runs.  The weight however is another thing – I should have been down to 220 or less instead I have regressed.  That sucks.

It is time to kick my own ass and get it back in gear.  No more missed runs, increase speed, pump up the intensity and add some resistance training.  I also need to get back on track on the diet – no more snacking at night, get the high protein breakfast rolling again and force regular small meals / snacks through the work day.

So my new weight plan is to lose 2.5 pounds a week up to the Manitoba Marathon – this should be doable if I can get my crap together again.  This would put me around 205 for the Manitoba Marathon – so maybe a bit low even but now is not the time to waffle on the goals – I need to set it and go for it.

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