June 15, 2013 (Saturday)

231.5 when woke up and 230.5 after morning run.

I did a quick 2.2 mile run in 21 minutes outside this morning as a bit of a warm up for tomorrow and to keep the legs loose.  Run felt good – felt out of breath for a couple minutes right at the start which had me worried but it all sorted itself out and I had no issues for the rest of the run.

So the Manitoba Marathon is tomorrow morning….I am ready – it won’t be my fastest full but it will be solid.  Weather is still calling for 60% of showers and 21C for the high tomorrow so as long as there aren’t any torrential rains the weather should be just about perfect.  The Manitoba Marathon course is pretty flat so it all adds to providing a strong opportunity for a good run.

It’s strange though – with the stuff that has been going on with putting a pool in the backyard the race being tomorrow doesn’t really seem to be real.  For the WPS Half Marathon I was pushing myself and focused on the run because I really wanted to get under 2 hours and for the past several years all my runs have been at Disney World so there was always the travel to provide the mental poke that the run was just around the corner.  Don’t really have that here for the Manitoba Marathon right now – I figured packet pickup yesterday would drive things home but I was in and out of the expo so quickly that it really didn’t make an impact mentally.

So I really need to get my head in the game here – to do that I will probably watch some Lee Hoedl Disney marathon videos, prep my gear, organize….and set my alarm clock – at this point I seem distracted enough to actually forget to set my alarm – can’t let that happen!

Interestingly, tomorrow I actually have a deadline for finishing the my race – my son has a music recital at around 2:30 pm (there was some confusion – we thought it was supposed to be Saturday).  So that means I need to finish my race, grab my medal, take the park and ride bus back to my vehicle, get back home, have a shower and change and be back out of the house well before 2 pm (probably closer to 1:30 if we can pull it off).  Race starts at 7 am, I need to give myself an hour from race finish to get back to my van (hopefully way less but I haven’t taken the park and ride here before so I don’t know how full the vehicles need to be to make a trip – could require a wait), then another 45 minutes to shower and change and stretch a bit – If I walk that back from 1:30 leaving the house that gives me 11:45 as the latest finish time or 4:45.  That shouldn’t be a problem if I extrapolate my last long slow 20 mile run outside but it would also be the fastest I have run a marathon since 2006.  No pressure.

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