July 31st, 2013 (Wednesday)

223 this morning when I woke up – 223.5 after evening run and 223 after the swim following the run

Had fun on the treadmill today – apparently the breaker in the panel is not the issue – even with the new breaker it is still tripping whenever I try anything sustained over 8.5 mph.  I really needed to do speed work today though so I ended up with 6 stages to my run (breaker tripped 5 times) but a total of 8.2 minutes at 9 mph – with two 2 minute periods sustained in there at that speed.  Several minutes also at 7.5 and an 8 minute stretch at 8 mph.  Total of 3.85 miles (approx – the breaker trips reset the counter each time).

Treadmill woes aside the higher speed runs felt good and I probably could have done even more but the trips were getting irritating.

Before the run this evening I realigned and tightened the belt and lubricated the deck to eliminate those items as possible causes for the breaker trips.  The treadmill is rated well over 300 pounds, has a 2.5 chp motor and is capable of 12 mph and it doesn’t seem to be having any issues with me going as fast as I am so I’m not sure why the panel breaker is.  The treadmill itself has a 15 amp breaker which is the same rating as the one in the panel so I am a bit confused as to why the panel breaker is going and not the one in the treadmill itself.  The breaker I pulled out yesterday and the one I replaced it with were both from a batch I had bought years ago for my old house so they might have issues – maybe I will pick up a new one and see what happens there.  If that doesn’t do it I will look at upgrading the breaker and the wiring and outlet to 20 amps – it is literally a 6 foot cable run for the circuit dedicated to the treadmill so this wouldn’t be too high of a cost but still not something I really want to do but I also need to be able to do those speeds to get my training level up to where I want it to be.

I was in the pool twice tonight – once with the kids after supper and before they went to bed.  After they went to bed I got on the treadmill and hit the pool again after the run.  With the kids I was in there for about 45 minutes just generally floating around but did do some pool resistance exercise but not in a real focused way.  The second swim was more focused and I did several sets of resistance exercises and several laps in the pool over a half hour.

Overall feeling pretty good and if I can get this treadmill thing sorted out I am pretty confident that my speed will keep improving.

…hmmm Goofy Challenge still isn’t full for 2014….

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