July 30th, 2013 (Tuesday)

224 when woke up this morning – 224.5 after evening run.

Run tonight was a 3.8 miles in 30 minutes – probably could have been faster / run further but the breaker for the treadmill tripped at 17.5 minutes (2.2 miles) while I was going 8.5 mph.

I started with 1 minute at 4 mph, 4 minutes at 7.5 mph, 2 minutes at 8 mph, 2 minutes at 8.5 and 1 minute at 9 mph.  Then did 1 minute at 6 mph, 4 minutes at 7.5 mph, 2 at 8 mph and then got 30 seconds in at 8.5 before the breaker tripped.  After resetting the breaker I did 1 minute at 6 mph, 9 minutes at 8 mph, 1 minute at 6 mph and 1.5 minutes at 8 mph.

Felt very strong on the run and could definitely gone faster but after the breaker trip I did not want to risk having it trip a second time so held back.

After completing the run I replaced the breaker in the panel – I think it is likely the breaker was weakened by the old treadmill so I quickly replaced it with a spare I had around.  I will see how things go tomorrow – hopefully the issue is solved.

I did not swim after the run tonight but did swim right after work before supper getting in some laps and resistance training.

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