July 28th, 2013 (Sunday)

223 when I woke up 220 after morning run.

Run today was outside – 13.1 miles (according to phone GPS anyway – loops on a map look like should be closer to 13.5 but both phone and GPS watch agree so will go with that) in 2 hours 3.5 minutes.

Basically took the run quite easy and was only 7 minutes slower than my time for the WPS Half back in May.  Had half a bottle of water and 6 gel candies as fuel during the run so a lot less fuel on the run as well compared to the WPS Half.

Was quite happy on the run and was well focused – definitely how a longer run should feel – calm and strong.

Interestingly my after run weight was 220 – this is the lowest I have been in close to a decade – so that was a nice little surprise.

Spent several hours in the pool today and yesterday as well playing with the kids so a good calorie burn there as well.

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