July 27th, 2013 (Saturday)

224 when I woke up this morning and 223.5 after my morning run.  Was 224 yesterday morning when I woke up as well.

Run today was 4.5 miles outside in 42 minutes – a minute slower than my 4.5 mile run last Saturday but things felt really, really good on this run.  I had a clear head and felt very clear – never felt out of breath or like I was pushing hard.  The time and miles just seemed to flow by.  Awesome.

Weight seems to have settled back down a bit – not quite to the 223 I was averaging last week but still way better than earlier in the week when I was 228 AFTER a run.  This weekend is supposed to be pretty nice so I suspect I will be spending quite a bit of time in the pool playing around with the kids plus with the 13.5 mile run I have planned for tomorrow I should be able to have my weight to a new low as of Monday morning.

I haven’t done the pool resistance exercises in a few days as the weather has been either too cold and rainy or a bit too lightningy (for some reason spell check doesn’t like that word) to get in the pool.  But as I said in the last paragraph the weather should cooperate enough today and tomorrow to put some good time in the pool this weekend.  The longer range forecast (or guess) for the weather is warm and sunny so I should be able to get into the pool daily for the next week or so.  Hopefully that pays dividends in the weight loss department as well.

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