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Monday January 14th, 2012

Woke up around 8:30 and felt freaking great – wide awake and minimal stiffness considering what I put myself through over the weekend.

We said our goodbyes to my brother as he was heading out to the Magical Express shortly and I cleaned up my stuff and started my packing for checkout.  My wife had less stuff to sort out so she wanted to go have a quick swim – she hadn’t gotten in the pool yet and needed to before we headed home.

After all our stuff was sorted and packed we dropped the bags will the bell services folks and headed out enjoy ourselves until our Magical Express pickup at 4:45pm.

We started with bagels on the Boardwalk with a great view of the Yacht and Beach Club resorts.

Yacht and Beach Club resort view while munching bagels on the Boardwalk - aaaahh

Yacht and Beach Club resort view while munching bagels on the Boardwalk – aaaahh

After breakfast we wandered around the Boardwalk and Yacht and Beach Club areas before wandering into Epcot where we eventually had lunch all the while carting around my DSLR camera bag which had my laptop and carry on it it.  I still felt great and I kept seeing other Goofy runners and others having some real issues and all I could say to myself was “man am I glad I recover quickly”.  I trained well and properly which helps (yay not a single blister or raw piece of skin) but somehow I always seem to recover from these long runs very quickly even if I am not trained properly.  So I might have seemed like a bit of an ass when people would ask me how I am doing and I would say “I’m feeling pretty good actually.”  I certainly wasn’t trying to brag or be an ass I was legitimately pleased and excited about how good I felt.  At one point I actually said to my wife “I could actually go for a run right now”, I had energy and no real pain or issues.  My genetic makeup may be a series of catastrophes waiting to happen but at least I got endurance and fast recovery out of the deal.

We hit the Living With The Land ride and wandered around Epcot some more before heading back to the Boardwalk.  We stopped for a drink and snack as we knew we would be getting on the Magical Express soon and wanted to make sure we didn’t get too hungry if things were harried at the airport.  I was also probably over compensating for the energy burned over the weekend at this point.

lovely blossoming tree in Epcot

lovely blossoming tree in Epcot

Magical Express ride to the airport shortly after that was uneventful and after some delays we were able to check in with WestJet and get exit row seating together on the plane.  In the end we got the row to ourselves again giving us lots of room to spread out.

Just as we were checking in though we noticed the departure time get pushed back an hour – crud.

We took advantage of the extra time and did some more shopping (yay) and had a good sit down meal before heading through security.  Security was quick and smooth and we found a nice quiet spot at our gate to hang out while we waited for the plane.

It was a good plane ride – no issues – nice and quiet.  Canadian customs were smooth as well and then a quick run through the freaking cold to the van where we had left our winter jackets.  Put those on and headed home.

Once we got home I had to stop the van on the street and run in and grab a shovel to clear a path to drive the van into the garage – there were some pretty nice sized drifts.  Remainder of the snow will have to cleaned up in the morning.

Got into the house and discovered the house was quite chilly….and the bloody furnace wasn’t running.  It never got anywhere near freezing in the house luckily but still a bit scarey.  I ended up turning the breaker for the furnace off and on again to get it to fire and it kept cutting out but it did run mostly through the night and the next morning.  It seems to be working pretty well now after watching it pretty closely through the day but we still have someone coming to look at it Wednesday morning.

We also went and picked up our daughter from Gram and got some nice leaping hugs from her and then went to pick up our son from school for lunch.  I got a nice running hug from him as well when he spotted me waiting for him.  Aahhh, it’s good to be home.  By the time we got them to their swimming lessons and home for supper and bedtime I felt like I had done another marathon.  Wow, I love them but they are exhausting some times!

So, back to work tomorrow and the Goofy is done for another year.  I will write up a bit of a recap and overview of the weekend on how I felt about it and how I think my training worked, etc soon.  Then I need to figure out what’s next…

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