Feb 27, 2013 (Wednesday)

233 this morning when I woke up – better but not quite back to where I was, let alone where I planned to be.

232.5 after 6.62 mile run in 60 minutes tonight.  Run felt pretty strong – I did 2 x 1 min walk, 1 x 1 min at 6 mph, total of 4.5 min at 8 mph (2 min, 2 x 1 min, 0.5 min) and remainder at 6.6 mph (in various chunks – longest being 27 minutes).

Felt relatively strong on the run and felt like I could have kept going at a slower speed.  I need to keep pushing to get the speed up – I would like to do the WPS Half Marathon on May 5th in under 2 hours.  This wouldn’t beat my personal best but it would get me back in the range of where I will be able to train specifically to do that.  Right now the training has to focus on increasing speed for longer distances while still losing weight.

If I can keep things on track this week I might be able to get my weight to my goal weight for March 4th – my chart shows that to be approx 228.  I really have to watch what I am doing this week and correct if I see any kind of deviation or spike – I’m hoping the spike I showed this week has been resolved and it will kind of just work itself out of the system and if I can actually keep pushing the weight loss regime.  That will seem like I lost a lot of weight this week but it will really just be my system normalizing from the 6 pound spike in 4 days and a little bit of weight loss.  As of Feb 21st I was just better than my goal weight for that day but today I was almost 4 pounds over (in less than a week).  My system used to have these weird spikes / fluctuations when I was in the 250-260 pound range but I haven’t seen them to this degree since I managed to make it below 240.  It has to have been diet (still leaning towards Nibs and Blue Moon) and if the spikes follow the pattern I used to see that weight should normalize out in a few days as long as I don’t compound the issue.

So basically I would like to be around 230 Saturday morning (basically normalized) and 228 by Monday morning (to hit the actual goal for the week).  We’ll see what happens.  Getting under 230 is a huge driver right now and once I legitimately break that barrier the weight loss can slow if it has to and running speed will become the focus.  At least I say that now – after I break the 230 barrier if the weight loss is working well I’m sure the brain will start to focus on breaking 220.  The nice thing about that is to break 220 I’m sure I will have to be running hard so the speed should come as part of that too.

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