Feb 26, 2012 (Tuesday)

235.5 this morning when woke up this morning – was 236.5 yesterday morning.

Apparently my diet has gone to hell.  I don’t specifically see in my diet what is causing this issue beside maybe a little too much pop or potentially beer.  I really enjoy Blue Moon that you can only get in the US but we brought home a few cases at the end of our Disney World family trip.  Some evenings I have been enjoying a couple and looking at my weight chart the morning after those evenings seem to correspond to a bit of a weight spike.  I will have to watch this and see if it truly correlates.  If it does then I will have to make sure to limit myself to one on any evening I have a drink and see what happens.  Interestingly I haven’t seen this issue with any other beers over the past several months of training so it might have something to do specifically with the fact that Blue Moon is a wheat beer.  Something I am going to have to watch.

I am starting to follow through on my plan to cut the scheduled 6.6 mile runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays down to 3 or so miles.  Kids had swimming tonight and I doubt I would have been able to motivate myself to get on the treadmill for around an hour but I was able to convince myself for 3 miles.

Ended up running 3.41 miles in 30 minutes – there were about 5 minutes of walking at 4 mph (1 minute at a time), 17 minutes of 8 mph (2 x 4 min chunks and 3 x 2 min chunks and a 3 min chunk) and the remainder at 6.6 mph in 2 and 1 min chunks.  Very solid run with very little cheating on the treadmill.  I was 235.5 after the run but I was feeling very bloated and my calves felt very thick – potentially I have a water retention issue or something.  I will have to see what the weight looks like tomorrow and see how the planned 6.6 mile run goes.

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