Feb 24, 2013 (Sunday)

Feb 18 – 234

Feb 19 – 233.5 – did not run

Feb 20 – 233 – 232.5 after 6.6 mile run in 56:10 – about 3 min of walking with lots @ 8 mph and around a minute total @ 9 mph or greater.  Planned mileage completed for the day.

Feb 21 – 230.5 – better but did not run – no pop at all though

Feb 22 – 231.5?  made the mistake of buying a big bag of Nibs that were on sale – not wise

Feb 23 – 234.5 when woke up – as I said the Nibs were not wise – was up way too late last night and had no energy when I got up (up quite late and then still had to try to run before our son T had curling).  Too tired and frustrated to make anything happen – did 2.5 miles in 30:20 (mostly walking) – could not concentrate or push.  Had big greasy burger for lunch with lots of fries and then popcorn with lots of butter and salt late in the day – going to see the effects of that tomorrow.

Feb 24 – 235.5 when woke up – yep saw the effects of the food on Saturday.  Did 11 miles (as planned) in 98:15 with about 4 min of walking – there was some cheating (leaning) on the treadmill but overall managed to maintain energy levels.

This week I started adding the almonds back in my breakfast diet and I really didn’t see any positive effects of adding that additional protein.  I haven’t been doing the hard boiled eggs in a while – I think I need to add those back in as well and get back to doing what I was doing previously back in October and November when my weight loss was progressing properly.

I am also finding it hard to get motivated to do the planned running distances on Tuesdays and Thursdays – I think planning 3 days of 6.6 miles in a row is too much for me mentally right now.  So I am going to back off the Tuesday and Thursday runs to 3 miles (to match the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 program).  I should be able to motivate myself to run these shorter runs especially if I do a bunch of speed work those days which will make the running time shorter.  This should also help my weight loss as doing the back to back runs in the evenings during the week seems to be a key to the weight loss that had been happening previously.  What I think was happening is I would get some weight loss during the week from the back to back runs and they would also sustain any weight loss that occurred during the back to back longer runs on the weekends (the runs during the week prevented regression on the weight lost on the weekend and added their own weight loss as well).

Basically what I am saying is I have to get back to the basics of what I was doing last October and November and I should see the weight loss I am looking for.  The weight loss will also add extra motivation to continue and that will help lose more plus should help motivate to do the really long runs as they start to come up.

I also need to start looking at what I can do to drive some more traffic to the site and I have to look at writing more on the blog and start focusing more on writing articles that I can maybe get on other sites.  I am enjoying the writing aspect of the blog and want to see if I can find a way to expand that portion of the blog in a way that makes sense with my interests and what little free time I have.

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