Feb 8 2013 – Drive home from Minneapolis

Up and had breakfast at the hotel (complimentary) and were on the road before 9:30 am.  Roads were clear but traffic around Minneapolis was crazy – lots of tailgaters at crazy speeds.  It cleared up after a few hours and we made Fargo around 1pm.

We had lunch at TGIF and then did some shopping for too long a period – Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us, Target.  It was over 4 hours before we were on the road again – this was way too long – it meant I had to do more night driving than I was hoping.  After our last stop in Fargo we switched the kids to the back seat.

We hit Grand Forks and K was asleep in the back so Heather and T went into Target to finish off some more shopping and to go to use the facilities.  I used Target’s wifi to check road conditions because we had seen some ice coming in (another reason I didn’t want to be driving at night).  There were scattered icy sections that we had to be careful of – not too bad but again the problem wasn’t roads but the drivers – they were way too trusting of the roads.  I saw so many people flying and slamming on the brakes at the last minute even though the roads were icy.  A fun drive.

Made a short stop at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop for some Blue Moon and then headed out.

Canadian customs was quick and smooth and was another restroom stop and then we continued on.  Road conditions on the Canadian side were better – some snow on the road near a couple of intersections but no ice.

Got home – unloaded the van and planted the kids around 10:30 pm.

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