Feb 7 2013 – flight day back Minneapolis

I was up before the alarm I had set for 7 am – nature called and going back to sleep was not an option.  I finished up some packing and checked some stuff on the net before making sure Heather was awake at 8.  While Heather was showering I got the kids up and dressed and the last of their stuff sorted.

We were using the express airline check in service and had boarding passes in an envelope put under our door during the night – awesome!  There were also additional instructions on how to pay for luggage fees if required.  I followed the instructions and got a confirmation number to be shown at the airline check in desk.

Around 9 we headed down with our luggage and got the bags dropped at the airline check in desk (smooth and easy) and wandered up to the club room for one last visit.  Had a quick breakfast and went back to the room for one last washroom break and to pick up our carryon bags.

We then went down to the lobby and spend a few minutes in the Solarium which we hadn’t visited the whole trip and then to spend a few minutes relaxing in the lobby.  We then went outside and waited for the bus or another 10-15 minutes or so and off we went.  The bus already had several people on it and we had 2 stops after (Boardwalk and Saratoga Springs) so the bus was pretty full before we started the run to the airport.

Getting off the bus was quick and easy and with the bags checked straight through and our boarding passes in hand we didn’t have to check in with the airline so we wandered straight to security after the bus.  Security was relatively quick and painless and then we took the tram to terminal B.

We stopped for a very quick lunch before wandering to our gate – boarding started on time as did departure.  Take off was smooth with only a little turbulence.

Still wasn’t sure on the plane if we would start our drive right away or if we would overnight in Minneapolis – figured would probably overnight as I had confirmed the hotel had availability but decided would see how the flight went.

Got off the plane and wandered over to baggage claim – we were some of the last off the plane so the baggage was already on the carousel and yay it was all there.

We called the Country Inn and Suites desk number to schedule a pick up and the bus was already on the way to pick up a few other travelers.  It was a very short wait for the pick up because of this and we were on the shuttle very quickly after the walk to the hotel transport pick up area.  We got on with 2 other couples and the shuttle had to go around to the other terminal for another pick up as well and from there we were on the way to the hotel.  The shuttle dropped the other couples at their vehicles directly and then took us to the lobby.

We had decided to stay a night after all – it was still early enough I would have liked to get a few hours in but it was too hazy and I figured it was too likely I would end up falling asleep.  We were able to get a room no problem and we took our bags up and went to TGIF for supper.  After supper I did some organization of the van and got a few things out for the kids and then settled into the room.  Heather went to the Mall to do some shopping and the kids and I stayed in the room.

The kids were sharing beds and it took a long time to get them to sleep that night.

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