Feb 6 2013 – Stormalong Bay and Magic Kingdom

Last full day

Started with a walk around to the lobby and the club room outside to check the weather and the pool temperature.  Had a quick breakfast at the club room before doing some quick shopping and wandering back to the room.

We got changed for the pool and let kids run on the beach for a bit before heading into the pool area – spent a good bit of time in the sand bottomed kids’ area before putting life vests on the kids and heading into the lazy river.  Did 3 laps on the lazy river before heading over to the large pool.  At the large pool T went down the big slide 3 times – twice with me and once with Heather.

After this we had lunch at Hurricane Hannah’s before heading back to the room to get changed.

We then took the bus to Magic Kingdom – Yacht and Beach have their own bus that is not shared with Dolphin, Swan and Boardwalk for a nice change.  We rode the steam train for a full loop from the entrance and then one extra stop to get out at Frontier Land – headed into Tom Sawyer’s Island.  First time on the island for us – was pretty good – kids enjoyed wandering around and exploring.  Didn’t stay long as it was closing.  Managed to bump the lens on my T4i and the lens cap hit the water – gone but the camera was undamaged.

After this we wandered over towards Tomorrow Land and did the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and then walked on to Buzz Lightyear – scores were nowhere near the scores from the other night.

We then had a quick bit of ice cream from one of the stands while listening to the Club 626 dance party before heading into the Storybook Circus area – bit of a line on Barnstormer so we did Dumbo – quite pretty at night – got some good pictures of the lit fountains.

Heather wanted to hit the princess store near the castle but it was closed for the evening around 7 pm or so.  So we looped around and went to the princess meeting place near the park entrance.  This was basically a walk in with little wait.  The Disney Photopass person had an issue with her camera and wandered away just prior to K’s turn.  Luckily I had the T4i with me and I got a bunch of pictures with Cinderella.  The other 2 princesses (Aurora and Rapunzel) had functioning Photopass – still took a bunch of pictures but it is good to know that a professional is taking additional photos too.

After that we went to the center of the central courtyard near the entrance and watched the castle show and then Wishes.  We were able to wander out to the buses without being stuck in a big crowd and we were able to walk on a non-crowded bus that was waiting and off we went.  T unfortunately tripped on the way out in a dark area – luckily I was holding his hand so he didn’t fall hard and I caught him before he did more than slightly skinned a knee.  There is a lesson there though – if we had been in a big crowd and he had tripped without me holding his hand it could have been pretty bad as people aren’t really looking around them at that point they are just trying to get to the bus/boat/monorail as quickly as possible.  But luckily it was minor and I was able to distract him from the sting of the scrape on the bus by looking at the pictures I had taken on the camera.

Back at the hotel we wandered up to the club room for snacks and a quick drink before heading back to the room to watch a bit of tv, give the kids a much needed bath and get the packing rolling.

We have to get up relatively early tomorrow – Magical Express pick up is at 11:05 but we want to do the resort check in for the plane and our luggage so we don’t have to deal with it at the airport – probably want that sorted before 9 but hopefully even earlier.  Shouldn’t be a problem but we will need to be rolling and on the ball.

When we get to Minneapolis tomorrow it will be around supper time – decision will have to be made if we stay at the Country Inns and Suites we stayed at before and where our van is parked or if we want to have a quick bite and get a bit of distance down the road before we stop for the night.  I am tempted to go for a bit of a drive but it is probably smarter to stay at the hotel if they have vacancies.

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