Feb 5 2013 – Typhoon Lagoon and Epcot

Feb 5th – Tuesday

K had a bad dream and ended up in our bed for about half the night – she was up early as was T – I set up the tv in their room while I did some stuff – woke Heather and started a load of laundry.  After swapped laundry to the dryer we headed up to the Stone Harbor Club for breakfast.  After breakfast and the laundry was done we wandered over to the Boardwalk Inn to rent a surrey bike to go for a ride.  Did a couple laps stopping occasionally for pictures and random cattle jam ups.

After that headed out to the buses to go to Typhoon Lagoon – bus from the Beach Club goes to Downtown Disney first – in this case it went to Pleasure Island / West Side as the Market Place bus stop was closed – this made for a shorter trip than expected and we were at the water park by 1 pm.

Typhoon Lagoon:

  • After renting a locker and some towels we got changed and first stop was the kiddy area for a while until T was turfed from one of the slides for being too tall
  • Went in the lazy river – had trouble finding 2 kiddy tubes – we ended up with one for one kid to use and the other rode with Heather – we eventually grabbed a life vest for T (and later K)
  • We got out of the lazy river and had lunch
  • After lunch we went to the shark swim – entertaining – at first T didn’t want to go and K did and then the other way around – K balked right as we were getting in the water as did T as he couldn’t get his snorkel to work.  Eventually T went without the snorkel piece in his mouth with Heather as a guide and I took K while holding her mask and snorkel and my sunglasses and pulling her along.  I didn’t manage to get my snorkel on properly before we started and I couldn’t use without getting a mouthful of salt water with each breath meaning I had to make sure my head was always up.  This was entertaining as I don’t float and I was not supposed to kick my legs (only pull yourself with your arms) – one arm was holding K and the other the sunglasses and snorkel so some kicking had to happen or someone was going to drown.  In the end K made it across and I only lost my sunglasses as the cost.  At least they were cheap.
  • We did a loop of the lazy river then got out
  • We then headed over to the tube water slides – we did the family one first and decided to go a second time they had some troubles with starting the second run and we had to get out of the raft for a bit and wait – while getting out of the raft T scraped his knee – he was fine until he noticed it was bleeding a little and then he wouldn’t let it go.   We convinced him to go down a second time before going to get a bandage.
  • Did the ride and then got his bandage – did a wander while we waited for the bandage to set
  • On our way back to the tube slides T did a couple runs on a water slide that empties into the wave pool.
  • We then decided to go to the wave pool – we had about 10 minutes of the bobbing waves before the full large waves started – stayed in there for a few of those – I went out for deeper water for one before we decided to head to more water slides
  • We weren’t sure if we could take K or even T on the individual tube water slides but the lifeguard convinced us to give it a go – it was fun for Heather and I to each drag 2 tubes up the stairs to the slide starting area but we made it.  I went first, then T, K and Heather – that way I could catch them at the deeper pool at the bottom of the slide and Heather could help them get set up on the tube.  Both loved it.
  • We decided to try the other individual slide with them as well – it was twice as much fun carrying the tubes up for that one – oddly shaped tubes and twice the distance to carry them with lots of stairs to make sure the kids didn’t take a dive on.  Kids loved that one as well but we decided not to do it again because of the climb.
  • So we did a second run on the blue tube ride – after that T wanted to keep riding but K wanted to do something else.
  • We heard the half hour until closing announcement and headed to spend a bit more time in the kids play area before we hopped back in the lazy river for a short cut to Crushin’ Gusher.  Heather went first while I stayed with the kids in the pool and then I did a run.
  • Headed for the change rooms and got all sorted before heading to the buses.
  • Buses were running a bit different at closing – they were taking everyone to the Downtown Disney where you had to catch the bus back to your hotel – worked relatively smoothly except that with the Market Place bus stop closed it created a bit of a back log of buses for a while but we were out of there relatively quickly.

After we got back to the hotel we went to the club room for a light supper / snack and drink before heading to the room to get changed and relax a bit.

We then decided to head into Epcot for a bit – we wandered in and went into Mouse Gear for some shopping for the kids and then did a run of Spaceship Earth.  After that we had to bolt for World Showcase to catch Illuminations.  Found a spot near Mexico and lifted the kids up for a good view.  Did the walk against traffic after the fireworks until things cleared out and it was just foot traffic heading out to International Gateway.

Got back to the room and they had a quick snack augmented by some items I grabbed from the club room (rice crispy squares, lemon cake, chocolate cake) – had them sacked out shortly after 10.

We sat down for a drink and some tv before calling it a night.

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