Feb 4 2013 – Epcot

Slow start today – K and I were up around 8:30 or so – she played with the balloons and watched some tv while I backed up the camera memory cards and wrote up some stuff from the past couple of days.  Eventually she I let her play in the bath and T got up – Heather was finally mobile and we hit Epcot.

At Epcot:

  • Needed to eat quickly so tried the American pavilion – I had it in my head that it was a sit down restaurant but it is actually a quick serve – nice atmosphere and good food – selection was a bit different from other quick serve restaurants and was a nice change – trip first
  • Decided to try Agent P – did Germany and Mexico – both were good but it was relatively slow in Epcot but at several of the spots (more noticeable in Mexico) we had to wait for another team to finish or someone would be waiting for us.  On a few occasions we also had a preview of a later mission as someone else was doing it.  It took away a bit of the surprise and immersiveness of the games – still was cool but I can’t imagine how bad it would be in the summer
  • After that we wandered over to look check out Ellen’s Energy Adventure but it was closed (but not indicated on the wait time boards?)
  • Did Innoventions – Health Heros – scared K but T loved it – was pretty cool  – good for kids but a bit hokey for adults
  • Did big ball ride (Spaceship Earth)
  • Captain Eo – K was scared again unless there was dancing on screen – T enjoyed it – was pretty cheezy for Heather and I
  • Did Figment after – T enjoyed and both enjoyed some of the stuff after
  • Disney world app said nothing available at Coral Reef but we tried anyway and got in about 10-15 after walk up – we were pretty early though (probably were done supper around 6:30 or so) – food was good – had the usual arguments with the waiter when I wanted the steak well done – kids’ cheese pizzas looked really good and they seemed to enjoy them – steak was good.  Had a good view of the aquarium and the kids saw some good stuff.
  • Did the Nemo ride and did a good look around the aquarium with the kids
  • Was about 7:30 about this point and the weather had cooled considerably and we weren’t dressed for the cooler weather – we headed back to the room.  On the walk K was asking to watch Phineas and Ferb when we got back to the room.
  • Back to the room and while we were trying to decide what we were going to do I put on some Phineas and Ferb for the kids and did a quick run to the marketplace.  Got back and everyone was pretty snug so we decided to kick back and relax for the rest of the evening – the hope is the weather will be warm enough tomorrow for a water park so it will be an energy intensive day for the kids so a bit more sleep catch up is a good idea anyway.
  • Still having issues with the wireless around Disney – shows wireless connection but no internet connection – reset the connection and is good for a page load or 2 and then drops out again – not that big a deal but inconvenient and I would have liked to blog while here instead of just putting stuff into the word document – never called their help desk to get it resolved but every device we have is having the same issue although my tablet is the most stable

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