Feb 1 2013 – Hollywood Studios

Heather not feeling good and K still asleep so I took T to the club room for a quick breakfast.  K up when got back but Heather had decided that her and K were going to get ready in their Minnie dresses and hit the club room for a quick breakfast.  So T and I headed to Hollywood Studios – Heather and K to meet us there later.

  • Signed T as an alternate (#22) for Jedi Training Academy – tried 3 times through the day and did not get in – told T we will would get up extra early one day of the trip and get there early enough to get him and K signed up – he was obviously upset but eventually we got around it
  • Star Tours was a walk on so T and I did it twice before we wandered around to see what else we could see – ran into H and K who were there earlier than expected waiting in line to get a pic with Minnie
  • Checked for Princess Sofia stuff but couldn’t find anything
  • Got fast passes for near park closing for Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Did Little Mermaid show
  • Ended up doing Star Tours with K and T
  • Went into SciFi Drive In for lunch – cool atmosphere but took quite a while to get the food – we basically got walk in and they put us at a better table than they said they had available – pretty cool – first time we had tried it.  Very nice atmosphere.
  • Went to Muppets 3D
  • Then to the Lights, Camera, Action Stunt Show.
  • Wandered for a bit and then it was time for our fast passes for Toy Story – did the ride – our first time – pretty cool – was lots of fun – both kids had fun but K’s arm got tired and she stopped playing after a while and just enjoyed the ride.  Only thing is that they put family of 4 back to back in the same car – I can understand then that the group can compete against each other but I noticed a couple times during the spins that I was looking at another car and I kept expecting to see H and T and wave at them or laugh with them – the family gets to compete with each other but only 2 experience it together at a time – it’s not a 4 person experience it’s a 2 person experience.  (Note  – we went on again later in the trip without the same issue so it was just luck of the draw that night)
  • Decided to skip Fantasmic and just head back to the hotel – T and Heather both have a cold and K is just about over it and it has been a full couple days so it was time for a rest.  We headed back to the hotel with the expectation that we would head out to late magic hours at Epcot but in the end we just had a snack in the hotel and watched some tv – just time for a rest

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