Did not manage to get up early enough to avoid the heat so did 13.5 on the treadmill today – strong run

Like the post title says – I slept in this morning and did not get up early enough to avoid the heat outside today, so to avoid dying of heat exhaustion I decided to run on the treadmill.

I first did a bunch of work around the house prepping for an incoming house guest – once that was sorted I was free to burn off a couple hours running.

I got started basically figuring I would be slow and shoot for 2 hours for my scheduled 13.1 miles. So I started off at 7 mph but I got bored and started bumping up the speed by 0.1 mph after I finished each mile. I did throw in some 1 minute walk breaks here and there but by the time I hit 1.5 hours I was at 11.1 miles. I then took another 1 minute walk break and set the speed up to 8.5 mph and hit 13.16 at the 1:45 mark. At this point I was feeling good and I figured I could still push out the 2 hours I had allotted and grab a couple more miles…I had to shut down 0.34 miles later because my knee went wonky. I probably could have slowed down and kept going but compensating for the wonky knee has caused me hamstring injuries so I thought it best just to stop and claim victory. 1:47:37 for 13.5 at 1% incline – I will take that.

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