Dec 27, 2012 (Thursday)

236 this morning – 235 after 5 mile run in 47:43

Double checked the leveling on the new treadmill and it definitely settled a bit more in the back – instead of being out a fraction of a bubble on the level it was out a full bubble.  I made some quick adjustments to get it roughly back to where it should be and the run tonight felt quite a bit better.  It is still definitely a harder run on the new machine than on the old but I think I am getting used to it already.  Looks like I have to take between 0.2 and 0.4 mph off of the speed setting on the new one to match how things felt on the old one – since I have leveled it again I have to assume that the old machine was starting to lose some accuracy on its measurements.  One really nice plus though was I was able to push out the last 0.1 mile at 8 mph just to see what would happen.  It felt pretty good – not something I could sustain for long right now but I haven’t even been able to try anything over 7.2 on the old treadmill since I started training in September (the old machine would trip whenever I went over 7.2 for more than a few seconds).

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