Dec 30, 2012 (Sunday)

236.5 when woke up – 233.5 after 12 mile run

The 12 mile run was done in 1 hour 58 minutes with only 4 minutes of walking.  I did a bunch of speed work in the last mile with several minutes at 7-8 mph.  Most of the run was done at 6 – 6.1 mph.  Only had water during the run with no other fuel.

I did the run in the early afternoon and had eaten a larger late breakfast so had plenty of fuel in the system and it showed.  The run felt very solid and there was very little cheating with leaning on the treadmill, etc.  All in all it was very positive and a good confidence builder.  The run seems to show that 2 hrs 10 min for the half is a possibility – which feels very nice mentally.

After the run we had to go do some shopping and I felt no negative side effects from the run so it looks like my recovery time should be pretty good now as well.

All around pretty positive about the run today.

The weight loss on the other hand is a bit frustrating at this point.  All the holiday stuff has made it easy to derail the weight loss and cheat on the diet, etc.  I will have to see what my weight is tomorrow but I suspect at this point with tapering on the runs that additional weight loss isn’t likely prior to the marathon.  Being down a touch over 20 pounds is still pretty phenomenal but considering how well things were going up to 3 weeks ago it is a bit disappointing as well.

Based on how well I ran today while well fueled, I have to make sure I am eating with an eye to energy for running over the next week or so but once the Disney World Marathon and Goofy Challenge are over I need to revisit my diet.  What I was doing through October and November was really working and need to take a closer look at what I have changed in December that has impacted the weight loss.  I will sit down and come up with a new plan after the event is over but I suspect I will set myself a new goal weight for mid-April (my 42nd birthday) somewhere in the range of 215 or so – based on what I managed in October and November this would be a slower loss plan than my current one but it would give more room to figure out and correct the kind of stagnation periods I am currently in.  This kind of plan would also work well with probably doing the Winnipeg Police Services half marathon in early May and the Manitoba Marathon on Father’s Day.

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