Dec 26, 2012 (Wednesday) – evening post

238 this morning when got up – Christmas definitely took things off track for a couple days.

Did 5 miles on the new treadmill in 48 minutes (237 after the run).  The new treadmill is definitely a tougher run than the old one – not nearly as much give – both my wife and I have tried the new machine and we both felt the difference in and around our knees – it should just be a matter of getting used to it though.  We both also noticed that the machine seems to have an incline where it is sitting that the old one did not have – my wife normally walks with around a 4% incline and she had to go with 2.5% on the new one to feel “right”.  When I was leveling the machine I did notice that there was a bit of an incline back to front but didn’t think it was that bad – perhaps the machine has settled a bit more on the back end into the foam exercise mat and carpet than the front has.  I will have to double check it and get it leveled better back to front….although I kind of wonder about leaving it to force a harder push for myself for the last couple weeks of training for the Goofy.  I will bring out the level again tomorrow to double check and if it is too bad I will adjust otherwise I will probably leave it until after the Goofy is done.

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