Dec 29, 2012 (Saturday)

235.5 when woke up – 235 after 4 mile run in 38:37

Run felt pretty decent today on the new treadmill – did a nice steady 6.2 mph for the first 3.5 miles or so and then tried some higher speeds near the end and only had 2 minutes of walking through the whole running period.  I probably would have done it faster on the old treadmill but I am taking it easy on the new one as I get used to it.

Have a big road trip today – driving out to visit some family we haven’t seen yet over the holidays.  Will probably be over 5 hours of driving for the full round trip.

Edit – we did the trip and we had lunch out there as well as lots of snacks so I suspect my weight will be up a bit tomorrow.  There is a 12 mile run planned for tomorrow so hopefully I can work a good chunk of that off.

I seem to have pulled something in my middle of my back – felt uncomfortable driving home and it didn’t feel very good when we got home either – hopefully it doesn’t impact training at all.

Tomorrow I will also need to do extra work on the blog itself to better organize.

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