Christmas Eve and Boxing Day run recap – 5 miles treadmill and 7.5 miles outside

Continuing to put in the miles for the Goofy Challenge in January – feeling good and very confident for the race.  Bring it on!

I had a solid run on Tuesday afternoon (Christmas Eve) putting in 5 miles in 38:41 at 1% – not my fastest but it felt very solid and really felt like I could push.  I was very happy with the run that day.

Christmas Day – I had an 8 mile run planned but had to let it go as I spent most of the day out of it due to a stomach flu.  I dropped 2 pounds on Christmas Day…who does that?  It was unfortunate but at least there doesn’t seem to have been any lasting effects.

Boxing Day – I wanted to get outside as the weather got a touch warmer out so I bundled up and headed out.  Weather was decent but light snow over the past few days had blown in on the paths and hadn’t been cleaned up so running was a bit treacherous.  I could see spots where people had stepped through the hard packed snow and sunk at least a foot.  As I don’t particularly want to break anything at this point I moved off off my normal route and out onto some country roads near our place.  Very picturesque country setting especially with light snow falling but very open and the wind had a good bite.  At around mile 6 “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen came on my playlist – perfect setting for that song.  I just had to tweet about it but my phone decided to rebel at that point and went into a crash loop.  Miraculously it was fine once I got home – just didn’t like the cold.  So I kept running from that point with no music at all.  Still did 7.5 miles which was more than the 5 I had scheduled although I had hoped to do a bit more to make up some of the miles I missed yesterday.  It is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow so I might do an unscheduled run to see if I can get the rest of the mile back.

At this point I am at 1371.45 miles for 2013 with another 22 scheduled…so 6.55 miles shy of 1400 for the year…if I run unscheduled tomorrow and add a mile or 2 on Saturday…I can break 1400…hmmm.  Interesting.

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