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10 miles in 1:22:59 on the treadmill – nice and steady

I wasn’t sure after the Beaudry Lemming Loop on the weekend if doing the scheduled run tonight was a good idea or not. But I had had 2 days of rest and felt I needed to do something.

My schedule (that was created before I decided to run for 12 hours on Saturday) had 10 miles in for tonight but I figured that I would get on the treadmill and play it by feel. I would shoot for 2 miles at least with 5 being about where I expected to end up. With that plan I set the treadmill at a 7 mph and just kept it steady.

I felt really good though at the 5 mile point so I decided to keep going after a 1 minute walk. At this point I bumped the speed up to 8 mph until I hit the hour point. I then did another 1 minute walk before bumping the speed back up to 7.5 mph where I kept it the rest of the run.

All in all a good run – no hurting and no stiffness and most importantly it looks like no ill effects from the crazy of Saturday. Nice!

So it looks like I should be recovered for a nice strong half marathon at the WFPS Half marathon on October 19th. That will be my last race before the Dopey Challenge. I’m still trying to decide if I will go hard or take it easy for that one but I will have to play that by ear as the race gets closer and I see how I am feeling.

July 1, 2013 (Monday)

Did a quick 4.56 mile run in about 45.5 minutes – slow and steady just to work the kinks out of the legs.  Was 229.5 when I woke up and 228.5 after the run.

This was my first run since the Manitoba Marathon on Fathers’ Day and it felt pretty good – I went slow and steady and did not try to push the pace at all but I had no issues with any joints or muscles and breathing was good.


June 11th, 2013 (Tuesday)

232 when I woke up and 233.5 after 3 mile run on treadmill (I watched what I ate today so not sure why the weight gain over the day)

The run tonight was not too bad – was relatively quick at 24:12 with 1 min of walking, 2 minutes at 8 mph and the rest at 7.5.  I was fighting a headache the whole way (and most of the day) so motivation was tough.

I missed several runs this past week:

  • Missed a 6 mile on Wednesday
  • A 4 mile on Thursday
  • A 4 mile on Saturday

Not a real great thing to be missing miles at this point – they were all to be mid to high speed runs so that could impact my speed for the Manitoba Marathon on the 16th missing that training but at least I got my longer run in outside on Sunday.

The Sunday run was 7.5 miles (out of a planned 8 – I cut my loops too short) in approx 1:15 with no water or fuel (I forgot my water bottle when I left the house).  Things felt good and things went well taking it nice and slow.

So no concerns at this point for the Manitoba Marathon Sunday – I will finish but time is the real question (which is where the several missed short runs in a row are going to cost me).

So why did I miss the runs?  I was relatively motivated going into the week and was ready to go but between family priorities and work starting on constructing our pool I started to run out of time really quick.  The pool construction ran into some issues as well that took away some motivation and a lot of time.  I won’t get into all the issues here but in the end it is going to cost a lot more than I would like and we had to take down a deck that was sitting on ground that eventually crashed down into the pool hole after we had moved the deck.  So my plan of jumping into our new pool after running the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday is not going to happen now.  It will probably be another week or 2 before that can happen at this point.  But at least the marathon will be done and I will be partially recovered before massive reconstruction on our yard begins and I spend days/weeks moving a wheelbarrow around.

So anyway – at this point 2 training runs to go – 4 miles on the 12th (Wednesday) and then a 2 mile stretch on Saturday.

Last long mile training week before Manitoba Marathon

So this is the last long training week I have in the plan for the upcoming Manitoba Marathon.  The week is scheduled at a total of 50 miles (of which I have already lost 5 and completed 15).

Saturday is 10 miles and Sunday is 20 – I haven’t pulled a run longer than a half marathon distance in several weeks and I need to make absolute certain I pull it off this weekend.

Weather so far looks like it will cooperate so I intend to do both the 10 and 20 outside at the park.  We don’t have any other plans this weekend so hopefully things will come together.  I think I need the confidence that completing the full miles for the weekend will bring.  This will make it easier to do the tapering runs as planned without thinking too hard about whether or not I need to add in another 20 miler just in case.

My weight is not really cooperating right now but between work stress, a day long road trip and eating out a few times (plus a beer or 2) it is understandable but still a bit frustrating.  It’s not like my weight is spiking up and going above 235 or 240 but I need to get it moving in the right direction again.

So I am going to push through this weekend and see where I am Monday morning after the long runs and then see if I can lose 4-8 pounds over the following 3 weeks leading into the Manitoba Marathon.  At this point I would love to be down to 217 but I would be happy around 222 and would still find under 225 very acceptable.

To accomplish this I will be dropping coke completely (and just using coffee for my caffeine fix), ensuring that I continue my protein breakfasts, watching to ensure I am not snacking in the evening and making sure I am taking a good lunch to work to prevent snacking there.

I also plan to start walking to and from work once the weather stabilizes – we don’t have anything currently for the kids after work that needs me to get home 5 minutes after work is over so it should fit into our schedule.  The 30-35 minute walk each way should go a long way to keeping the legs stretched out for the marathon, will burn some extra calories and may help reduce some work stress as well.

March 26, 2013 – Tuesday

238 when woke up – what the hell!?  Was 235.5 yesterday morning and there really wasn’t any reason for the weight spike today besides maybe licorice over the weekend.

Was 236.5 after 4 mile run tonight in 33:30 – about 6 minutes of walking and rest at up to 8.5 mph in 2 minute chunks.  Had to push and punish myself tonight to try to make up for the weight gain.

The 2nd of 3 six week periods started yesterday and my goals for the first one were definitely not reached.  The running is going not too bad and I am getting good speeds over good distances so that is good even if I have missed too many runs.  The weight however is another thing – I should have been down to 220 or less instead I have regressed.  That sucks.

It is time to kick my own ass and get it back in gear.  No more missed runs, increase speed, pump up the intensity and add some resistance training.  I also need to get back on track on the diet – no more snacking at night, get the high protein breakfast rolling again and force regular small meals / snacks through the work day.

So my new weight plan is to lose 2.5 pounds a week up to the Manitoba Marathon – this should be doable if I can get my crap together again.  This would put me around 205 for the Manitoba Marathon – so maybe a bit low even but now is not the time to waffle on the goals – I need to set it and go for it.