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5 miles tonight in 37:27- pretty decent run as I start to recover from the cold. Less than 4 weeks until Manitoba Marathon!

So it has been a few days since I last posted – I did put up my various runs on twitter but I should get them up here on the blog as well!

Saturday May 23rd – 4.45 miles in 40:22 outside – very warm and sunny – so different from the week before! Definitely felt the heat though even though I ran fairly early.

Sunday May 24th – 4.45 miles in 39:07 outside – still quite warm but I did better with the heat today. I had intended a 20 miler today but had to let it go because I couldn’t get the coughs to stop long enough. 4 weeks from 24th is the Manitoba Marathon – I am not ready. I haven’t done anything longer than a half in a couple months between being brought down pretty hard back in April and then this cold over the last week. I am going to have to push for consistency over the next few weeks to get as good a base going as I can!

Tuesday May 26th – 5 miles in 37:27 on the treadmill – pushed fairly hard tonight even though I was feeling pretty burnt out. I put in some decent pushes of sustained speed – I hit 9 mph a few times with a maximum of 3 minutes at one point.

Beyond the running we also have the backyard swimming pool open and I have been taking advantage of that. Something like 8-10 hours in the pool overall over the weekend splashing around which should help the legs a bit.

I also have started ramping in swimming pool resistance exercises for upper body strength and to help a bit with cardiovascular strength as well. You can do pool resistance exercises faster than you can with free weights or machines with much less impact to the joints – this lets you get in a bit of a cardio workout on top of strengthening benefits.

I tend to do 3 sets of exercises back to back which helps with endurance as well.

While doing these exercises I am holding resistance increasing handheld “dumbbells”.

One of the nice things about swimming pool resistance exercises is that you can target opposite muscle sets as part of the same exercise. For example I do an exercise that mimics bicep curls in one direction and then triceps extensions in the other. Ends up being more efficient working the major muscle groups – there will be a limitation on how strong you can get with these methods (much like body weight resistance exercises) but I am not out to build bulk or mass at this point.

So I end up doing sets of 3 different exercise combinations for 25 repetitions each with no breaks, and I do them quickly enough that I end breathing pretty heavy by the end of the last set of exercises.

I work the chest and upper back in one set, the biceps and triceps in another (as mentioned above) and then the third set targets the shoulders and lats.

Combining this with my chin ups, dips and push ups every day should help build / maintain some solid upper body strength.

I will be taking advantage of the pool even more as I go along to add in deep water running to reduce some of the strain on my legs. I have signed up for the 12 hour Lemming Loop again for the beginning of October and beyond doing lots of multi-hour long runs I should be able to add in the deep water running to multi-task while hanging with the family in the pool.

Anyway – bit of a rambling post for the night. But long story short – coming off this cold and starting to feel healthy and I am going to start pushing hard to get back to where I want to be!

Stay tuned…

6 miles in 41:53 on the treadmill – nice speed work – glad the 18 miler on the Sunday didn’t wreck anything

I didn’t post anything here on the site but I did tweet out my 18.25 mile run on Sunday morning in 2:44:19. A very solid run on a gorgeous morning. Apparently it was hotter out than I expected because even though I went through 3 bottles of liquid, I was still down 6.5 pounds over the course of the run. I am running around 220 pounds right now so that isn’t quite as drastic a hydration loss as it would be for some smaller runners but definitely shows a hole in my hydration strategy!

After that run I spent a fair bit of time in the pool with kids and threw in a bunch of swimming pool resistance exercises at the same time to work more of the upper body.

Monday was a rest day but did spend a couple hours in the pool with the kids including some more swimming pool resistance exercises.

When I got home from work today I did some quick upper body free weights for about 15 minutes before hopping in the pool for a couple hours before supper.

About an hour after supper I got on the treadmill to do some speed work. I wasn’t sure how it would go as I usually eat supper an hour or 2 earlier and I figured there would be a chance I would feel pretty sluggish and unable to really push.

Those fears were unfounded however – I felt good the whole run. My right knee did go a little wonky the first few steps and then it straightened out and was good the rest of the run – a bit strange but I am keeping an eye on it.

The run itself was very strong – I started with 2 minutes at 7.5 mph and then bumped up 0.5 mph every 2 minutes until I hit 9 mph and then I stayed there for 4 minutes. I then backed down to 7.5 mph for 2 minutes again and then did the 0.5 mph increments for another 10 minute period. At the 20 minute mark, instead of backing down to 7.5, I backed down to 8 mph instead and then did the increments from there to a max of 10 mph for 2 minutes. I then walked for a minute and started back into the increments from 8 mph finishing up 6 miles in 41:53. I will take that after a 28 mile weekend any day!

7.06 miles in 49:00 on the treadmill – felt very good but a slight knee twinge near the end

I had 5 miles scheduled tonight but after a bunch of time in the pool (including some resistance training) before supper and a half hour walk with the wife and kids after supper, I was feeling pretty energized. So I decided to go pretty strong and see where I got to in the 45-50 minute time frame.

I did no walking and I was constantly ramping my speed up before bringing it back down to a steady pace before ramping up again. I hit 10.2 mph for 1 minute which is the fastest I have gone in quite some time.

At about the 48 minute mark my knee started acting up and I pushed on for an extra minute to see if I could get it to settle but in the end I stopped at 49 minutes with a very respectable 7.06 miles. A good run but I will have to watch my form more closely to keep the knee issues away.

8.15 miles in 1 hour @ 1% – wrapped the knee to make sure it didn’t cause any issues and kept things steady – good run

Right after work today, I spent a half hour in the pool splashing around and doing swimming pool resistance training (arms and chest) before supper.

Since I had had issues with my knee yesterday I made sure to put a brace on it before I got on the treadmill tonight. I’m glad I did…it hurt for a bit around mile 7 but I was able to work through with the support from the brace.

The run was solid – after a few minutes slow to warm up I picked up the pace and kept things at a solid 8.2 mph until the 30 minute mark. At that point I did a minute walking and then pushed back up to 8.2 for 10 minutes and then 8.3 mph to finish out the hour. This gave me 8.15 miles for the hour. Even with the knee issues this was a good run.

It was nice to get that confidence builder in as I have been feeling a bit burnt out this week.

5 miles in 35:51 @1% – would have been faster but knee went wonky…hope that’s temporary…

I got in the pool for a little while tonight with our son – swimming around I managed to get some resistance exercises done which felt good. I hadn’t managed to get in the pool for a few days because of cool weather so it felt to get in tonight.

After I got him to bed I hopped on the treadmill to do my scheduled 5 miles and maybe a bit more – was surprisingly stiff and tight after having been in the pool for 20 minutes, so I had to take it easy and work into it. It took about 5 minutes to get settled and then I got into 1 minute splits – 1 minute at 8 mph and 1 minute at 10 mph.

By about the 15 minute mark though my right knee was hurting pretty bad and starting to feel like it couldn’t take weight. It did the same thing during the Manitoba Marathon about mile 14 and back in May before I hurt my hamstrings so I wanted to make sure I backed off and prevented a real injury.

After some walking and some test runs at 7.2 mph and 7.5 mph I eventually got back up to 8 mph by the 30 minute mark. At this point it seemed to ache a bit but was holding weight well so I thought I should give things a bit of a push. So I bumped things back up to 8 / 10 mph splits and stuck with that until the end of the 5 miles.

My best guess is that I was not running with proper form and that tweaked the knee because it seemed ok later while I consciously watched my form. It is still aching a bit now but it doesn’t feel like anything was actually damaged so here’s hoping it is ok for a scheduled 8 mile run tomorrow!

On a side note – I picked up Weird Al’s new CD today – Mandatory Fun – lots of great songs! A few work well for my running play list as well so that’s a bonus! I listened to the CD on my run tonight and it worked pretty well. I will be adding “Foil”, “Word Crimes” and “Tacky” to my running playlist for sure and I will see what else I add later.