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double run days – not for me apparently…at least not right now

Below is something I wrote on Wednesday morning after I had done my morning run as I was trying to assess if I should keep up with the double runs days I had been doing for just over a week (on weekdays).  I woke up with a headache that day and had a very slow 2.09 mile run that morning and I was trying to figure out if I was burning out or actually sick (our daughter had a fever a couple nights previous)…

Pretty damned tired today – woke up with a headache and almost got sick on the run this morning – not pleasant.  Also ended up being my slowest morning run yet.  At this point I might have to call it on the morning runs.  I have to decide though if I am burning out or if I am just fighting something off – my daughter had a fever a couple nights ago so there could be something going around.

I also found I wasn’t pushing as hard last night on the treadmill – I am worried about burn out – if I can’t run hard on the short run days to get my speed up then the PR shot is in jeopardy. 

Additionally with being extra tired I am craving carbs and caffeine and I am drinking too much Coke – damned near 2 liters last night.  I need to get a handle on that as well if I want my weight moving in the right direction.

If I am getting overtired, I am risking a greater chance of getting sick or of injuring myself – either of which would be very bad right now.  There would be impacts to the PR attempt on the half and then also to my Goofy Challenge training.

I don’t want to think this beat me but if I am risking my PR attempt then this just isn’t working for me at this point.  I had hoped to do this week and next week and decide from there if I do one more week leading into the half marathon on October 19th.  I am thinking though that doing this much longer is a bad idea.  So I will look at how things go tonight on the medium / pace run and if it doesn’t feel decent or if I feel too tired then I will call the morning runs right there.  If it goes ok then I will do Thursday’s and Friday’s morning runs and then drop them from there. 

I have 18 miles scheduled for Sunday as I start putting in longer distance miles for the Goofy Challenge in January and I want to make sure I pull that one off.

So I am thinking that the current plan will be do finish off the week including the morning runs, do 4.5 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday and then fall back next week into just the regular scheduled runs.  This should allow me to still training hard but recover more and get some additional rest that I am needing.

I think it was an interesting experiment and I can see the benefits of doing double run days but I just can’t seem to adapt fast enough to the change in schedule right now without risking my next half marathon.  I might revisit it for a few weeks after the half is done while I back off some of the speed work for a while to add extra long distance miles – but I would then most likely drop them again as I started pushing more speed work again in probably November (or possibly not if I manage to adapt that time).

As you can see I was feeling pretty burnt out and that was before the headache got worse that night and even after a couple extra strength tylenol I still ended up having to call off the medium treadmill run that night – my first missed training run in a month.  I ended up going to bed a couple hours early and still felt exhausted the next morning.  At that point I said I was done with the morning runs for now – missing pacing runs and not pushing hard enough on speed days was not what I wanted out of the double runs.

I put in some extra miles on the Thursday run to make up for the lost pacing run on Wednesday which felt pretty good and then did no running at all on Friday.  I was still pretty tired when I got up for my run this morning and started a bit later than I hoped as I lay in bed a little while longer but on the run itself I felt fine – just needed to get to bed earlier than I did last night!

So what did I learn?  Basically that my body could take the extra training – my legs, etc feel fine even with the reduced recovery time but for it to work for me mentally I would need a lot more sleep and I would need to change my diet a bit to accommodate the extra miles.  I had hoped that doing the extra miles would help to train the body to recover faster but also to help reduce my weight quicker – in the end I realized double run days are probably not a good tool for that – as I was getting overtired and under-fuelled I was consuming too many carbs (and especially coke with the sugar and caffeine) to function – you have to be more disciplined with your diet than I was to make that work properly I think.

After the WFPS Half marathon is done I will revisit again but I suspect it might be something I look at closer after the Goofy Challenge is done in January instead when I am not training for anything specific beside to get better overall.

#trainingrun – 4.5 miles outside in 41:05 – bloody cold north wind – I am not ready for it to be fall yet…

My training schedule had me at 4.5 miles (one lap of my neighbourhood) this morning but I thought about doing 2 laps instead this morning to get some extra miles in to make up for a missed training run on Wednesday night.  In the end though, I kept things as planned.  I made that decision for 3 reasons:

  1. the massive headache I had all day on Wednesday that caused me to miss my first scheduled training run in a month may have been due to over-training with the double run days I was doing and I didn’t want a repeat of that.
  2. I have 18 miles scheduled for tomorrow which is my first run longer that half marathon distance since I did the Manitoba Marathon back in June, and I don’t want to mess that run up – I am still pushing hard to train for the WFPS Half marathon on October 19th but the long run tomorrow is technically the start of long run training for the Goofy Challenge in January and I want to start training on a positive note.
  3. It was frickin’ cold!  I dressed ok for the temperature but didn’t account for a strong north wind cutting through what I was wearing.  A good chunk of the run is sheltered from the wind and I was ok there but the start and end of the lap are quite exposed.  This was a problem at the start as I wasn’t warmed up yet and the wind was cutting right through me – chilly!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a touch colder but I will take the lesson today handed me and use it on the run tomorrow and make sure that I also have layered properly to take care of both the wind and the cold…

Overall run today was not bad – started slower than I would have liked but that was most likely due to pushing against the cold wind for a while – once I got the wind at my back or was in shelter things improved and time was not too bad in the end.  4.5 miles in 41:05.

Weight was 217.5 when I woke up and 216 after the run.  Looks like things may have finally settled down after that week where my weight jumped a few pounds and hopefully I can keep things under control for the next 2 weeks going into the October 19th half marathon so that I can use a few pound loss to help push for a new PR at the half distance that day.

#trainingrun – 7.55 miles in 1 hour at 1% incline – strong run

220 when I woke up and 218 after the run tonight.

Didn’t run last night – I had a massive headache most of the day yesterday and had to blow off the run last night.  I did get in the morning run yesterday of 2.09 miles in 19:50 – headache made that a slow run too though.

I’m not sure if the headache was a reaction to over training or if I was fighting something off (our daughter had a fever a couple days ago) but either way I think I need to back off on the double run days at this point.  I can see negative impacts to the speed training from the double runs and that is definitely not the intent of the extra runs.

So for the next few weeks I am going to drop the double runs and re-evaluate after the WFPS half marathon is done.  I think they were helping the endurance but I was just getting too tired and that was making it too hard to push hard on the evening runs – it might be that I just need to give it more time to get my body used to it but with the next race in just over 2 weeks I don’t think I have that time right now.

Run tonight was pretty solid – the rest yesterday probably helped – I also started slower than I wanted for a pace for 3 miles and then pumped up the speed from there – it felt good and I think I did more miles with less walking (none actually) than I would have if I had started out faster.  Good training for the next race – definitely need more practice at starting slower so I can finish stronger.

#trainingrun – double run day – 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline in the evening and 2.09 miles in 19:28 outside in the morning

220.5 – 220 after 2.09 in 19:28 222 after 4.02 in 30 min at 1% and 0.16 miles in 2.5 minutes at 10%

Weird ass weight jump today – I think I can attribute it to the string cheese I have been taking to work as part of my lunch as a quick way to add some extra protein to the diet – it is about the only thing out of the ordinary in the diet today and yesterday besides a few slices of pizza and I have had the pizza several times before without the same impact – I will rule the pizza out for now.  So I will drop the string cheese out for the next couple days and see if things settled out or not.

Morning run was relatively slow but mentally I certainly wasn’t into it so that will have been part of that.  No aches or pains though – just extremely difficult to drag my ass out of bed this morning.  Mental not physical reasons for the slow run this morning.  But I did it and got the miles in.

Run tonight was 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline – I did a significant part of the run at 8 mph with some one minute stretches at 7 mph, some one and two minute stretches at 9 mph and a total of 2 minutes of walking.  Also did a 0.16 mile warm up in 2.5 minutes at a 10% incline.  Run was pretty decent – was able to push relatively hard – maybe not as hard as I would like but didn’t feel like crashing out or dropping to a slower pace.  So not too bad…if only I can kick this weight thing.

#trainingrun – double run day – 4 miles in 30:18 at 1% incline tonight and 2.09 miles in 19:14 this morning – Sept 26, 2013 (Thursday)

215.5 when woke up and 217 after evening run and swim

Whoohoo – new low this morning for the weight – awesome!  Now I have to make sure I don’t screw it up.

Morning run was not too bad – 19:14 for 2.09 miles – the legs felt a bit dead and I was certainly tired but I’m not really sure at this point if it is the lack of sleep or the extra miles.  There was a bit of pain in my right knee but it was most likely due to the treadmill issue last night rather than the extra training.  Any walking during the day and the running tonight didn’t cause any issues so it doesn’t look like something I need to worry about but I will still watch it to make sure.

Evening run was a bit slow – mostly mental issues to sort through for the first few minutes making the full run a bit slow in the end but decent overall.  No walking at all, so did the 4 miles straight.  Started with 5 minutes at 7 mph, 5 minutes at 8 mph, 5 minutes at 8.5 mph, then rotated between 7, 8, 8.5 and 9 mph.  It was a decent run – not my fastest but after I worked through the mental game I was able to start pushing again and put in a few bursts of 9 mph and completed the 4 mph in 30:18.  Legs are still feeling good with no issues.

After the run I put in a half hour in the pool of floating around to help both stretch and rest the legs.

Overall I am feeling pretty good after 3 days of double runs – I’m a bit tired but at least part of that is from getting up about 45 minutes earlier than I’m used to and not getting to bed earlier enough to balance it out.  I will do the early morning run tomorrow before work and then my regular scheduled runs over the weekend and assess after that if I will continue the early morning and double runs next week.