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Trying something new – YouTube video talking about my plans to get my diet, weight and running back on track.

Hi everyone!

Just a short post today to provide a link to a YouTube video I have put up talking about my thoughts and plans to get my weight back under control as well as my thoughts for upcoming races.

The video was taken on July 3rd, 2017 (posted on July 28th) so I have been using the fridge I mention for a while and it does seem to be helping. I have definitely saved enough from skipping fast food meals to have paid for the fridge!

So this is about 3 weeks I have had the fridge (and I was out of the office on vacation for one of them) so I am still in the beginning stages but I am starting to feel better as I detox away from so much fast food.

Having wraps that I make at lunch (and during breaks) is definitely helping keep the food tasting fresh and I am mixing things up with sometimes having mustard for extra flavour and sometimes using just a touch of lime juice (lime works better for turkey than it does for ham…).

I am definitely happy with the purchase and I am showing positive results so far using it.

Any feedback on the video is appreciated as I try to decide if I want to keep doing these kinds of vlog posts or not.

Have a good weekend!

Another lost run tonight – so far down over 47 miles in April – some kind of food reaction – swelled 7 pounds in 5 days

So yeah – after starting to getting my focus back in the last half of March, things have kind of gone to hell in April so far.

I ended up blowing off a 10 miler on the 1st because of family responsibilities but I knew I had a 5 day weekend so I figured I could easily make it up.

Then wasn’t feeling really good on Thursday (plus we did a road trip to pick up our new puppies) and lost another 5 miles there.

Friday was a bit of blur – was not feeling good and I noticed my weight starting to climb quickly from where I was Wednesday morning.

No running on Saturday either – was just wiped out and I was blaming it on getting up through the night with the new puppies – lost another chunk of miles there. Weight still climbing?

Then came Sunday – carved out some time, weather was nice outside and out I went – I didn’t know if I would get my scheduled 20 miler in but wanted to get some good miles at least…after about 2 miles I had a wicked headache and had to shut down the run. Weight was still climbing as well.

Monday – no run – felt pretty awful and quite tired still. I noticed my blood pressure must have been up too as I could feel the pressure in my head when I would bend over to pick up something off the floor. I was also out shopping with the wife and commented that it felt like I could actually feel my pants getting tighter as we walked through a store. Very strange feeling.

Tuesday (today) – woke up feeling pretty awful but it was back to work time, plus I had to take our son to running club before work – so up I got even though I was feeling really crappy. Checked my weight – and up 7 pounds since Wednesday morning!? Bloody hell. I am pretty big guy and a couple pound swing is not unusual from day to day depending on my running schedule but this is very unusual – and not particularly healthy. Felt pretty awful at work but seemed ok while at my desk in my office – but had to run up the stairs a couple times to help out a coworker and felt horrible each time. Just after lunch I was also standing having a discussion with one of my guys and I started getting chills and feeling a touch light headed. At that point I called it a day and headed home to bed.

Starting to feel a bit better tonight but have now missed another run and if I feel better tomorrow I am still unlikely to get in the full 10 miles that are scheduled. So I will most likely be missing some miles tomorrow as well.

But I do think I have figured out what the issue was – only one major diet change in the past week – I had some black licorice, not a huge amount but definitely more than I should have and it looks like I have had a reaction to it. I have now gone about 24 hours without having any and I am starting to feel better and my weight should start to normalize.

I’m glad I figured it out but that was a lot of miles to miss out on. My next race is on May 3rd so I do have time to recover and get back in the game but it will pretty unlikely at this point I will still be shooting for a new half marathon PR. I will have to see how recovery goes but I am feeling more positive to know that the crash is likely to be a temporary.

I guess there is a new lesson, or at least a lesson learned once more – watch your diet!


#trainingrun – double run day – 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline in the evening and 2.09 miles in 19:28 outside in the morning

220.5 – 220 after 2.09 in 19:28 222 after 4.02 in 30 min at 1% and 0.16 miles in 2.5 minutes at 10%

Weird ass weight jump today – I think I can attribute it to the string cheese I have been taking to work as part of my lunch as a quick way to add some extra protein to the diet – it is about the only thing out of the ordinary in the diet today and yesterday besides a few slices of pizza and I have had the pizza several times before without the same impact – I will rule the pizza out for now.  So I will drop the string cheese out for the next couple days and see if things settled out or not.

Morning run was relatively slow but mentally I certainly wasn’t into it so that will have been part of that.  No aches or pains though – just extremely difficult to drag my ass out of bed this morning.  Mental not physical reasons for the slow run this morning.  But I did it and got the miles in.

Run tonight was 4.02 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline – I did a significant part of the run at 8 mph with some one minute stretches at 7 mph, some one and two minute stretches at 9 mph and a total of 2 minutes of walking.  Also did a 0.16 mile warm up in 2.5 minutes at a 10% incline.  Run was pretty decent – was able to push relatively hard – maybe not as hard as I would like but didn’t feel like crashing out or dropping to a slower pace.  So not too bad…if only I can kick this weight thing.

#trainingrun – 4.03 miles in 30 min at 1% incline – felt pretty strong – also did a morning run today – Sept 24, 2013 (Tuesday)

219.5 this morning when I woke up and 218 after evening run.

I tried something different today.

I have been thinking for a little while that I need to do something to shake up my weight and getting it moving in the proper direction a little quicker.  Besides a few weak moments and a few meals eaten out in the past couple weeks my weight has been moving generally in the right direction but not as quickly as I would like.  I also wanted to look at starting to push up the miles but it would be very difficult to add extra time to my evening runs right now with various family responsibilities.

To take a shot at tackling both of these things I decided to give double runs a shot.  My plan is to do short (just over 2 miles) runs in the morning before work and continue following the remainder of the training plan with evening and weekend runs.

I don’t fully have the plan worked out yet and it will have to be pretty fluid as I watch to see how I am feeling physically and mentally.  Physically I have watch for aches and pains that don’t go away because they will give me a warning of possible injuries coming and if this causes an injury then the concept was a mistake.  I will have to watch for exhaustion as well – if my body won’t let me push hard on speed days or if I am dragging too bad on long run days I will need to back off.  Mental exhaustion will be something to be wary of too – it could potentially start to feel like all I am doing is running and that could lead to burn out pretty darned quick.

So current plan is to do the just over 2 mile runs outside in the morning Monday through Friday before work and then treadmill work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the evening and then morning runs outside on Saturday and Sunday with Sunday being the long runs.  My main plan is the Tues-Thurs treadmill runs and the Sat and Sun outdoor runs so if the morning runs during the week start to impact my ability to follow the plan on those other runs then the morning runs will need to be eliminated or adjusted.  If I do have to make a change I would probably look at shutting down either Monday and Friday morning runs to give the 2 rest days or Monday and Tuesday morning runs to give a rest day and providing a longer breaker before the speed work on Tuesday night.  The first real test will be tomorrow morning…we’ll see if the alarm clock ends up through the wall or if I end up on the road!

So this morning took some convincing but I got out there and did 2.09 miles in 18:33 – it felt pretty good even though I was pretty tired.  It was dark out there and I’m not used to running outside in the dark so I may have to look at making sure I am wearing enough light coloured clothing and maybe some reflective stuff.  Pretty quiet out there though and it was very peaceful – it was also nice to not run with the Garmin watch on my wrist reminding me of my speed – without it on I was able to just go with how I felt and still did decent for that time of the morning!

It was unseasonably warm today so I was able to get in the pool for about an hour after work / before supper and did 4 sets of resistance exercises while I was in there.  Also got a bunch of additional exercise throwing our daughter around the pool – throwing her over my head, throwing her like a ball (her idea) and throwing her like a spear (no really, her idea – she’s kind of crazy).

After supper we had a bunch of shopping to do with a lot of walking.  By the time we got home and the kids to bed it was getting later than I typically like to get on the treadmill but I knew I had to give it a go so I sucked it up and got going.

I figured I would have a bit of rough run due to the morning run, time in the pool and lots of walking while shopping but in the end it was a pretty good run.  4.03 miles in 30 minutes after a 2.5 minute warm up at 10% incline.  Not my fastest 30 minute run but faster than any of my equivalent runs last week which was a bit of surprise.  I did the first 15 minutes by alternating 1 minute periods at 7 mph with 2 min periods at 9 mph – I then did a minute of walking and then went into cycles of 1 min at 9 mph and 1 min at 7 mph.  Cycles fell with the last minute being 7 mph so I bumped the last 30 seconds to 9 mph to finish strong.  It felt pretty good and I was rarely tempted to cheat by grabbing the hand holds so all in all it was a pretty good run.  So after one day it looks the double runs are ok…?  Probably too early to decide

#trainingrun – 4 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline – not a pleasant run – September 17th, 2013 (Tuesday)

221.5 this morning and 221.5 after evening run.

Was 219.5 yesterday morning.

Basically my weight took a beating this weekend – ate out a few times and got truly ravenous Sunday night for some reason – it was brutal!  Then I ate way too much licorice yesterday and my weight took a giant leap putting me 5 pounds up compared to last Thursday when I was 216.5.

Did a short run yesterday with the wife as she wanted to try outside the run/walk/run cycles she has been doing on the treadmill.  We did 1.25 miles in about 15 minutes at her pace, learned a few things and we will give it another go soon.

Run tonight was not particularly good – was definitely feeling bloated and off when I got on the treadmill but felt decent after a quick 2.5 minute warm up at 5% incline so gave it a shot.  I started by alternating 1 minute at 7.5 mph and 1 minute at 9 mph and mostly did that for 25 minutes with 2 1 minute walking breaks.  Then finished off the last 5 minutes at 8 mph.  All in all I got the miles in but I kept catching myself cheating by holding onto the treadmill and had to keep shaking myself to get back on track.  The back of my left knee is feeling off now and I think I was running funny because of the cheating.  Going to have to shake that tendency real quick.

In the end it was a decent amount of mileage and I did do a respectable amount of time at 9 mph without any cheating so that is a good thing.

I’m going to have to watching the eating habits for the next several days – the weight jump should dwindle back down to where it should be by race day on Sunday (hopefully back to 217.5 or so).  I suspect I was ravenous on Sunday because I was running at too big a calorie deficit and my body just wanted to get some fuel back in the system but obviously I picked the wrong foods considering how I am feeling.  Definitely something to watch going forward.

Have to keep reminding myself that even though I took a step back on the weight this weekend my training is still moving forward and I haven’t actually lost any endurance or anything like that.  Need to keep my head in the game!