My sympathies for anyone involved in or who knows anyone who was participating at the Boston Marathon this year.  It is a senseless tragedy and it is awful that many of those who were injured were children including one of those who died.

I don’t have great words to say at a time like this but I hope that everyone who was injured pulls through and recovers quickly.  Hats off to those Boston runners who apparently went and donated blood as soon as they heard what had happened.

A friend of my wife ran this year and finished about 10 minutes before the blasts – apparently he was about a block away when they occurred.  It is good that he is ok but I am sure this is something that will haunt him for years and will always be in his mind when he runs now.

And unfortunately that may be one of the worst lingering effects of this tragedy.  Many runners put their hopes and dreams into any marathon (but Boston especially) and the damage to those dreams is something that will last for many years for these runners.

All I can say to those folks is – keep on running.  Continue your hopes and dreams and keep training and do another race – don’t give up and don’t let this break your dreams.  I have said it before when someone has called me a jogger – I don’t jog, I run – you run for a reason and for everyone out there that reason is different.  And that reason hasn’t gone away because of this tragedy – that reason is still there and it should still drive you – now more than ever.


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