bloody cold 5.1 miles outside in 47:31 – 9 days until my treadmill is fixed (parts are on the way)

After having to skip out on my run last night I needed to make sure I got out and ran tonight, no matter what.  Many, many layers of clothes to get out and run in the fresh snow from last night and the wind chills down to -26 C (-15 F).  In the end it went well but it is obvious my running gloves are not made for weather this cold – less than a mile in I had to ball my hands up inside my gloves since my fingers were already freezing.  Chilly, chilly!

Ended up doing 5.1 miles in 47:31 – not super quick but felt good and solid and considering much of my path was snow covered I will take it.  Frankly, I’m just happy I didn’t hurt anything!

After discussions with the manufacturer of my treadmill, it will be fixed on warranty.  Whoohooo!  The blown control board is being shipped out and they figured that it was probably caused by a warn belt and deck.  I would have thought the deck and belt were still good but since they are going to replace them as part of the warranty call, I am not going to complain.  The parts have been expedited and I should have them tomorrow or early next week and the warranty repair guy will be at our place next Saturday.  So I have another week and half to go but should end up with a basically brand new treadmill out of the deal.  Now as long as I can get my runs in outside without having body parts freeze off I should be good to go to for the final push to the Goofy Challenge in January.

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