April 25, 2013 (Thursday)

226.5 this morning and 227.5 after my run this evening.

Run was a solid 5 miles in 41 minutes.  I did a total of 2 minutes of walking and the rest was at 7.5 mph.  The longest running stretch was 29 minutes.  Run felt very solid although I really wasn’t motivated to get on today.

It felt good though and it looks like my weight today now matches where I was last Thursday – so if I don’t sabotage myself this weekend I will have made progress on my weight loss again finally.  The 10 and 20 mile runs this weekend should help along those lines.

Weather forecast still shows temperatures and weather nice enough to run outside this weekend so I am looking forward to that.  That and being able to just get outside in general – this extended cold spring is starting to get on my nerves.  Saw a news article yesterday that yesterday was the first day in 6 months Winnipeg had seen temperatures over 5 C.  Aweful.

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