April 24th, 2013 (Wednesday)

229.5 when woke up this morning and 228 after run this evening.

Run tonight was 10 miles in 83:45 – I did 11 minute cycles – 1 min walk and 10 minutes at 7.5 mph.  This seemed to work pretty well and I felt pretty good through the whole period but was starting to wear down near the end.

Back below 230 again – still recovering from the weekend road trip but hopefully I can still make progress this week and be closer to 222 or so by Friday May 3rd.  This would be a nice little bit of weight loss going into the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon.

So far the weather forecast for the weekend makes me believe that I should be able to do my 10 and 20 mile runs this weekend outside.  That would be a nice change and would help me see where I stand for the following weekend’s race.  I would love to be close to the 1:50 / 1:55 mark for the WPS but anything under 2 hours would be a major improvement over where I have been for several years.  But well under 2 hours would be a major confidence booster with the Manitoba Marathon following 6 weeks later.

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