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As I have been doing this blog for almost 2 years now I realized that many of my posts are really just my exercise log posts and other stuff I have written can get kind of lost in the archives. That and the exercise log posts can be mind crushingly boring.

So I have decided to go through my old posts and try to create a bit of a timeline of where I was at different times in my running journey. I figure I will highlight and link to various posts that have some deeper thoughts but also give an overview of where I was physically and mentally. Think of it as a bit of a Coles Notes of the site so far.

To learn a bit more about me you can start with the About Me page and my Running History page to help understand where I am coming from and what I am hoping to achieve with my running. Basically I started this blog to help motivate me and track my progress as I tried to drop my weight from around the 260 pound mark to something a bit more reasonable, all while trying to get better at running.

(I put up a post marking the 2 year anniversary of the start of the journey here)

I will break the history down into separate year pages to help provide a clear picture of the progress I have made.

Hit the links below to set off on the journey!

2012 Running and Blogging Highlights – Sept to Dec 2012

2013 Running and Blogging Highlights

2014 Running and Blogging Highlights – so far!

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