2015 Running and Blogging Highlights

Overall – year was 1171 miles.

Races run:

  • 2015 Dopey Challenge – fantastic series of runs (link to race reports)
  • 4 half marathons (including the half in the Dopey Challenge)
  • 2 full marathons (including the full in the Dopey Challenge)
  • 12 hour Lemming Loop


January 2015: 21 runs for 99.83 miles // longest run 26.2 (4:40:36) // fastest run 8.19 mph average for 5 miles

Dopey Challenge 2015. Good races – my 5th Goofy Challenge done as part of the Dopey Challenge. My best one yet! The race set also included my first ever timed 5k and 10k, my 15th half marathon and my 10th full marathon.

Lost a fair bit of motivation after the Dopey Challenge was completed – didn’t put a heck of a lot of miles in during the rest of the month. But did try some speed work after picking up a new stronger treadmill.

Also got one run in at Port Orleans Riverside at Disney World as part of our winter family vacation.

Haven’t had a month with fewer than a 100 running miles since sometime in 2013. Not good – need to get it together!



February 2015: 16 runs for 75.83 miles // longest run 13.8 (approx 2:10) // fastest run 8.04 mph average for 4.02 miles

Not a pretty month for running – had vacation in there but really had trouble finding motivation this month. Also the cold weather really killed my desire to run outside.

I did however sign up for the Hypothermic Half Marathon here in Winnipeg at the last minute. Now that was bloody cold. Read the race report for the Hypothermic Half Marathon here.

March needs to be better!



March 2015: 21 runs for 150 miles // longest run 18.2 (approx 2:55:36) // fastest run 8.275 mph average for 5 miles

After a bit of a rough month in February, I decided I needed to get things pumped up a bit and get my ass back in gear. To help with that I updated my training schedule and signed up for the 12 Hour Lemming Loop again (taking place October 3rd). I thought long and hard about the 24 hour event instead but decided that I wanted to do a more solid 12 hour event first before I did that.




April 2015: 10 runs for 49.85 miles // longest run 8.85 (approx 1:19) // fastest run 8.34 mph average for 5 miles


I got sick this month…man did I get sick – bloated, massive weight gain, low potassium levels, headaches like mad. Just awful and of course the running fell apart because I could barely walk without getting headaches.

I did have one major bright spot – the really fast 5 miler on April 21st – I’m still not sure how I hit those speeds for that long but it felt great.



May 2015: 20 runs for 132.8 miles // longest run 13.1 (approx 1:55 – 2015 WPS Half Marathon) // fastest run 8.27 mph average for 5 miles


Again – not a great running month. I lost several planned long runs to either vicious winds with snow and rain / ice or to the flu. Yeah…sick again – at least it was not what I had in April – it was just the flu but still not good. I ended up missing between 60-70 scheduled miles this month.

I ran the 2015 WPS Half Marathon on May 3rd – it wasn’t a great run but it was under 2 hours and that was about all I could hope for at that point.

The Manitoba Marathon in June is going to suck without the long runs…



June 2015: 15 runs for 115.12 miles // longest run 26.2 (4:48:15 – 2015 Manitoba Marathon) // fastest run 8.24 mph average for 5 miles

Not a huge mileage month – I was in a weird spot where I needed to get long distance runs in but had to avoid going to hard or fast to make sure I didn’t hurt myself during the 2015 Manitoba Marathon. My 2015 Manitoba Marathon race recap is here – it wasn’t a great race for me but under the circumstances it was just a good thing to finish upright and coherent.

I managed to get an 18 miler in on the treadmill a week after that marathon – definitely shows that I can still recover quickly.

I have lots more work to do to get back to where I want to be and the miles are going to have to add up this summer!



July 2015: 18 runs for 140.1 miles // longest run 15 miles (2:40) // fastest run 8.0 mph average for 4 miles

Mileage is improving this month but still doesn’t compare with last year’s numbers. Still I am getting stronger again and that is what matters.

Not too much special for runs this month but 2 of the most interesting (27th – 15 miler in massive heat and 28th – 4.25 miles in a lightning storm) are recapped in this post.

I did have some shoe issues this month that I describe in this post. Had to retire a few hundred dollars of shoes!




August 2015: 16 runs for 110.74 miles // longest run 19.1 miles (3:34:15) // fastest run 8.28 mph average for 4.14 miles

Mileage tanked bad. I did get in 6 double digit mile runs including 2 at 13.1 and 1 at 19.1 miles. So I did manage to get some of my long runs in but overall things did not go according to plan.

I did start trying to run with the dogs this month – that is going to be an ongoing process to train both them and me. I will be trying to do more as the weather cools off and they are less likely to cook in their big fluffy coats.




September 2015: 13 runs for 93.29 miles // longest run 10.5 miles (1:49:47) // fastest run 7.69 mph average for 5 miles

Another month with my mileage and number of runs dwindling. I did start running with the pups (2 mini Aussie Shepherds we got back at the beginning of April)



October 2015: 9 runs for 99.43 miles // longest run 50.33 miles (12:00:00) // fastest run 7.96 mph average for 5 miles

2015 12 hour Lemming Loop was my major highlight – broke 50 miles in a run for the first time ever! 50.33 miles in 12 hours.



November 2015: 12 runs for 67.44 miles // longest run 10.77 miles (1:44:36) // fastest run 7.88 mph average for 4 miles

Some illness and continuing issues with my ankle further killed my running.

But at least I think I finally figured out what was up with my ankle and once I find some motivation then maybe I can get my mileage back up.



December 2015: 7 runs for 36.57 miles // longest run 8.85 miles (1:29:08) // fastest run 7.54 mph average for 4 miles


Yeah…not a good month – lots of family responsibilities and lack of motivation kept me from running. This will need to get fixed.


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