9 miles outside in 1:17:27 – nice night – crisp air, lots of stars and a nice bright moon

With company over and doing a little something for our daughter’s birthday today I couldn’t get to the run until later (like after 9pm) and had to do it outside.  So put on my brightest jacket and out I went.  I was worried that my standard route was going to be a bit too dark but it ended up being lit not too badly so that was nice.  It was a nice crisp night without being too cold – just enough cold in the air that the air was nice and clear with lots of stars and a nice bright moon.  Very cool.

The run itself was good – didn’t feel stiff and sore like yesterday’s run which was nice.  Not sure if it was the time of day or just an added spark of running in the dark but I made some good time.  1:17:27 for 9 miles / 2 laps which is the fastest time I have done that distance outside since I started doing that particular route back in August / September.  Felt good and that was reflected in my pace.  Very happy about that especially since it would have been extremely easy to blow off the run tonight considering everything else that was going on today.  Awesome.

Weight was 217.5 after the run tonight.

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