9 miles in 70:30 on the treadmill tonight – felt harder than it should have. I’ll blame that on lack of sleep at this point

A decently strong run tonight with a good chunk of it run at a steady 8 mph. I was definitely feeling like it was taking some work to get moving – even at the half hour mark I was feeling the strain even though I was going slower that what I did last night. But I’m also not getting enough sleep lately (I think it is still to do with the time change) and that seems to be costing me.

Still 70:30 for 9 miles is more than respectable.

I also did 5 miles last night that I didn’t get around to posting – finished that off in 38:18. A pretty good run as well with no issues or drama.

Two days into my new training plan – so far I am on track…a bit too early to get cocky though!

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