9 miles in 64:25 at 1% incline – hard push, felt good – didn’t lose too much ground over vacation I guess.

I wasn’t able to get running first thing this morning in time for my wife to take our son to curling lessons so I ended up holding off on today’s run until this afternoon.  I don’t normally like running in the afternoon because it always feels like it takes more time out of the day for some reason.  In the morning a run starts the day and doesn’t interrupt anything. In the evening a run marks the end of the hectic day and says it is time to relax.  I always feel like there is something else I should be doing when I run in the afternoon.

So with that in mind I wanted to get the run done as quickly as possible.  To make that happened I challenged myself to break the scheduled 9 miles into three 3 mile runs and to see if I could do each successive one faster than the first.

To accomplish this I did 3 miles, wrote down how I did, reset the treadmill and did 3 more miles, wrote that down, reset the treadmill again and hammered out the final 3 miles.

My times were:

22:00 for the first 3 miles

21:23 for the second 3 miles

21:02 for the last 3 miles

Giving me a total of 9 miles in 64:25 all done at 1% incline.  Now I didn’t keep track of how long the reset period was between each run so I don’t know what my overall time really was but still a very promising time for the full run.  Plus I met my goal of getting faster in each set!

Right near the end of the last run I could tell my knee wasn’t happy but it seems fine now.  I will have to watch it on my scheduled 13.1 mile run tomorrow.  Potentially the shoes I am currently using on my treadmill runs are done – they are currently sitting at 347.33 miles which is more than the approx 340 miles and 320 miles I got out of the last 2 sets of shoes I retired.  I do have several sets in reserve but I am still enough of a cheapskate to want to milk as many miles out of these things as I can!


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