9 mile training run outside – 1:22:30 – it is really dark outside at 5 am (Sat Oct 26th, 2013)

I went to bed pretty early last night and instead of sleeping to my normal body decided if I wanted to go to bed early it wanted to get up early.  So there I was laying in bed at 4 am waiting for my alarm to go off at 6:15 and then I started doing math – if I got up at 6:15 like my alarm said it was actually going to be pretty tough to get my scheduled run in before our son had to be at his curling lesson.  Crap.  Up I got – grabbed a quick drink and went out and got the run done.

It was pretty chilly out and there are a few stretches that get pretty dark so it was an interesting run.  The moon and stars were out so that was nice although I am not used to seeing Orion in that area of the sky.  I am used to seeing Orion rising…not setting.

Run was good if a bit slower than normal as it was a bit hard to focus.  1:22:30 for the 9 miles.  After the run I had a quick shower, grabbed a blanket and crashed on the couch – I think I was back to sleep before my alarm had been set to go off.  Got in a good hour nap before the kids were up and the scrambling began to get the boy to his curling lesson.

Weight was up a bit this morning – last night was a bit of a scramble as we took the kids to swimming lessons right after work and then got them in their costumes to go hit a mummy exhibit (an actual mummy) and trick-or-treat thing at the Manitoba Museum.  There was a line up out the door so we went and had supper before heading back.  Supper was good but it was a place that does multi-course meals and it was way too much food even though I was watching to make sure I didn’t over do it.  The museum stuff was fun – did a wander through the whole museum with volunteers in a variety of costumes related to the exhibits giving out candy and treats – the kids were overjoyed to be doing it.  The mummy exhibit was pretty good too – I want to go take a second look when the kids aren’t hopped up on excitement for candy.  Was 217.5 yesterday morning and 220.5 this morning before the run  218.5 after the run.

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