9 mile run outside in 1:24:30 – little slow due to some internal issues but managed to get it done – beautiful morning though

Felt pretty strong on the run this morning and the roads were nicely clear – only some slippery sections where cars had driven over the frost (melted and then froze again) but overall pretty good.  Air was crisp but little to no wind so it was a nice morning for a run.

At literally the farthest place from my house on my second (of 2) laps, I started to have internal issues – made the last lap pretty rough and slow.  System feels a lot better now so hopefully the issue has past and I don’t have a occurrence on my scheduled 19 mile run tomorrow morning!

Weight has been climbing a bit in the past couple days too – mostly due to company being over and not following my normal routines and probably eating more than normal.  Still have company over this week so I am going to have to watch what I am doing more closely to get back on track.  After I get through this tough set of back to back high mileage weeks I am going to have to reassess where I am weight wise and probably revise my goals and what I need to do to hit them.

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