8 miles in 64:14 @ 1% incline – run started kinda rough but I was able to settle in after a while – not great but ok.

After missing my run on Tuesday and cutting my run yesterday 3 miles short I needed to make up some ground tonight.  So instead of the scheduled 4 miles I put in 8 instead.

The run wasn’t bad in the end but it certainly wasn’t my best and it started pretty rough.  I had my first walk break 2 minutes in?  My legs were definitely tight and I probably would have benefited from a quick warm up walk to stretch everything out.  After that first initial rough patch though things loosened up and walk breaks cut back down to once every 10 minutes while I pushed hard on the other 9 minutes of the period.

In the end I was faster in the second half hour than I was in the first – a little redemption there I suppose.

8 miles in 64:14 @ 1% incline with a total of 7 minutes of walking and majority of the running in the first half hour at 7 – 7.5 mph and 8 mph in the second half hour.

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