8 miles in 59:35 @ 1% incline – back on the treadmill again. Felt pretty good though so that’s positive.

I missed my run yesterday, but since I gave myself an unscheduled run Monday that was longer than the one I missed, I don’t feel too bad about that.  But that also meant that, even though I had to get on the treadmill later than I would have liked tonight, I had get moving and get my run in tonight for sure.

Things felt pretty good – for the first half hour I alternated 7 mph minutes with 9 mph minutes occasionally doing 2 minutes at 9 with no walking.  In the second half hour, I walked 1 minute in every 10 and then alternated doing 7 and 9 mph minutes – usually with two 2 minute 9 mph minutes in every 10 minute window.  Gave me 8 miles in 59:35 @ 1% incline in the end.  A decent run and I am pretty happy with time and distance tonight.

I have a 4 mile run scheduled tomorrow and it looks like another indoor treadmill jaunt.  I might give hill work a go tomorrow then which I haven’t done since before the Goofy Challenge in January…so I am definitely due for some hills at this point.  I will play it by ear tomorrow but so far it sounds like a plan.

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