8 mile training run in 68:20 at 1% incline – took it slow and felt strong

Felt good on the run – first mid range run since the WFPS half on the weekend and there doesn’t appear to be any damage.  I took it easy so I could monitor myself and watch for any issues.  Looks good – green light for Goofy Challenge training!

Had some issues with the treadmill though – the breaker on it tripped twice on me even though I wasn’t pushing very hard.  I have to get that figured out because if I can’t keep pushing harder on the weekday treadmill runs I won’t make the speed and endurance gains I am looking for!

Weight is starting to recover as well – back down below 220 this morning – was at 219.  Was 218.5 after the run this evening so I should be a bit lower again tomorrow – I suspect by the end of the weekend I should be back to where I was last week and then I can start improving again.

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