8.85 miles outside – very uneven and slippery – not a fast run but felt good to get out there. Tested out some new Hokas too.

First outdoor run since the Dopey Challenge a few weeks ago. It felt good to get out and let my mind wander!

We had some major thawing yesterday and then a good freeze overnight last night. So it was pretty slippery out there and after 3 attempts to fall on my ass I decided it was time to call the run and head inside and hit the shower.

I went fairly slow and had no issues with my legs or anything like that. Still feeling pretty solid and I appear to be fully recovered from the Dopey Challenge at this point. I’m glad I came out of that in one piece.

Today I was testing out some new Hoka One One Bondi 3s that I had picked up at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo. I hadn’t had a chance to really try them yet and I was very interested to see how they would work.

I have a pair of Hoke One One Cliftons that I love – I used them for 3 of the 4 races of the Dopey Challenge and also some of my park walking between races. I also used those for my 12 hour run (Lemming Loop) back in October. They are just a fantastic shoe for me for longer runs and I was hoping that the Bondis will be just as good or better and then I will have an alternate pair for the outdoor runs.

All in all the run with Bondis was positive – legs felt great, they have a bit better grip than the Cliftons and they did pretty good on the ice and snow as well. I did have a slight issue with rubbing near my ankle bone on my left foot – I’m not sure if that was because the shoes were too loose or just a fitting issue to my foot. The shoes have a quick tightening system that may be part of my issue – so I think I am going to switch that out to normal laces and try them again. I am feeling positive about them in general and if I can sort out that rubbing issue I will be very happy!

Feels strange now…I have no run planned for tomorrow…what am I going to do with myself?


  1. Bob says:

    Any more problems with the Bondi 3 ankle issue. There is much less padding there than the 2’s. I had an issue right away. Pads have not worked so trying a double high insert set-up as the toe box seems high enough to work with this.

    • Ted says:

      Unfortunately the weather has been too cold for me to get out and try a second run with them (and I get the feeling the treadmill will shred the knobs on the sole so that’s out). My first thought was to use a pad as you have but your idea of doubling up the inserts is intriguing. You’ll have to let me know how it goes!

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Bob says:

        Although the previous version of Bondi’s lost sole outside fairly quickly I have almost no wear from running on the treadmill, which is where I have been running for the past few months. I usually stack to inserts anyways so I can cut a hole out for the ball of my foot(behind big toe) on all my shoes. For this I will try extra thick ones. I will do a short run later after snow shoveling here in NJ.

        • Ted says:

          Good to know! Let me know how it goes.

          I will be trying my Bondi’s on the treadmill later tonight to see how they hold up. I am going to try taping the area to see if that works but if that doesn’t I will look at dropping in a second set of inserts!

          • Ted says:

            I tried out taping around the ankle where the chafing was occurring and that seemed to work for a short run tonight. I’m not sure how well it would work on a truly long run but I am happy with the tape for a start. Happy enough to try a longer run anyway.

            Hope your trick worked too!

          • Bob says:

            Hi, Taping was not enough for me and a cushion would not stay in place.

            The thicker insole trick did work. Since I saw no problem with the raised foot causing an issue in the toe box I will probably pick up another pair of the Bondi 3’s on sale now. I used a gel type insole which I don’t like to run in however, so I will have to steal some out of other shoes(I like ascis Kayano/nimbus type insoles as they are less squishy.)

          • Ted says:

            Glad that worked for you. I will keep the thicker insole trick in my back pocket in case I need it later!

            Thanks for the comments and info!

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