8.85 miles outside this morning – 1:18:44 – pushed for the first 40 minutes and then took it easy for the rest

Out the door by 8 am without really having decided how far I was going to go. I had 5 miles on the training schedule but figured I would probably go further as it was such a nice morning, but I didn’t know how much further. I figured I would do laps around the neighborhood and just call it when I figured I was done.

I did the first lap around the 7 mph and then slowed down from there for the second lap. I was feeling good but wasn’t feeling like pushing really hard – I just wanted to enjoy the sun for a bit. And after the second lap I decided I was good for the day. I have 18 miles scheduled tomorrow and will probably spend a chunk of the day in the pool with the kids – wanted to conserve some energy.
Alrighty – feels good – let’s keep training!

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