8.85 miles outside in 1:25:28 – taking it easy, enjoying the sun and starting off vacation right!

Yay summer vacation! Two weeks off work starting today – going to use the time to put in some long outdoor miles and sleep…glorious, glorious sleep.

I thought about giving myself the first day off as a chance to sleep but I managed to convince myself to get out and get moving. I wanted to make sure I didn’t set myself a bad precedent for the rest of the time off.

Definitely a slower run today – I wanted to take it easy and assess where I am physically again – getting off yet another flu and near sinus infection (judging by the color of the goop coming out of my head the last few days) and still a bit leery of the hole I put in my shin last weekend.

Overall the body feels pretty good – I did have to cough up a bunch of crap out of my lungs but that seems to be all sorted now. I felt pretty strong and definitely finished with energy to continue running if I had wanted to.

I decided to compare what I did today as a “taking it easy” run versus what I did around this time last year. Interestingly I am only about 2-3 % slower on similar runs. The telling thing is though that the “taking it easy” runs last year were surrounded by many more runs than what I have been doing lately. So my legs and body would have been more tired doing those 2-3% faster runs. I certainly have work to do but maybe it isn’t as bad as I keep convincing myself it is…

Tomorrow’s run? I need to get a 3+ hour run in – 18-22 miles would be ideal and it is supposed to be nicely cool tomorrow as well so that should work in my favor.

Plan for vacation – sleep and try to run as much as possible (in a smart way hopefully) – I will do morning runs outside, throw in some sustained higher speed runs on the treadmill and get in a couple 20 milers if I can. It is time to kick my ass and train hard!

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